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How to learn to drive waveboardzie

How to learn to drive waveboardzie Open a helmet and pads for knees, elbows and wrists

helmet and knee pads, elbow and wrist So just in case
Go to a quiet place, away from the street It is best if the ground is where you can learn to ride ... is smooth - that is, no cavities, such as the ankle, for example - and easily
Go with someone to hold during the study
step on board and try to maintain balance ... Let colleague can help.
As you can dealt with the balance of driving time.
stand with one foot firmly in front of the platform planks. second leg is strongly repulsive, and gain speed.
Acquisition second leg on the rear platform. balance.
waveboardzie riding requires the right moves. You can not just stand on it and, as a skateboard.
to move forward to follow the seat moves as if she wrote a letter to S. Do not stop at this writing. still works with both feet. mobile platforms are meant to allow you to these movements.
You can also just move the rear leg rear platform. do it if you pull the zig-zag motion.
To return, simply ask the front platform in the direction you want to convert. know It should work. Nothing immediately comes out.
When you tilt your front foot to stop the platform to distort. hold back foot flat on the platform. Lots of practice to fully master the ride and become really good.

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