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How to exercise in water

How do Exercising in water or in water aerobics and water affect our bodies

Exercising in water or water aerobics is very good effect on our body is a big deal with the burning of excess calories, improve posture and build muscle I do not need to know how to swim, do this exercise is fun. Recommend. Br Immerse yourself in the water zone. Water must not be larger than the chest.
Take a warm-up. start jogging in place. Then, after about one minute, start to walk around the pool .. for about five minutes using water resistance
to help you sculpt your muscles Try the moves you already know Take water puppets - .. when pajacyków not immerse your hands in the water - try to dance the twist, walk on water, raising the leg, lift your legs and pull them forward and back a lot of
Marching in the water - .. but not at the site Come to the water taking advantage of their resistance to March, and then run the light should last for about fifteen years .. minutes.
As you gain skill and familiarity with the broader water exercises. Grasp edge of the pool and do water scissors, draw legs and pushed them, do the bikes.
Do not stop exercise abruptly. only when it is time to end the exercise intensity is gradually reduced, and then slowly come out of the water.

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