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How to train biceps in the gym ball

How to train biceps in the gym ball exercise ball

gym - provided they are carefully and according to specifications given amazing results I know because I looked through it and I feel much better about a lot of exercises on the ball for your abdominal muscles, legs .. or back. Little to mention the fact that the ball can also train the biceps. I made it. below briefly describes the exercises that helped me.
will dumbbells. Take one in each hand. kneel in front of the ball and lean on her body . hands slide against each other, hold the dumbbells all the time. bend your elbows pulling the dumbbell shoulder.
Sit on the ball. feet flat on the floor of the lean. feet of clearance on the width of the ball. Keep your spine straight. in each hand grab a dumbbell. Let your arms hang loosely at your sides. Next bend your elbows lifting dumbbells at chest. Potarzaj several times. You can also raise your arms to change.
For this exercise should not be just a gym ball, but also for exercise tapes. Put tape over the ball. Then sit at the center of the ball. foot clearance on the width of the ball. spine erect. Look forward. Hold the end of the belt in his hand. Then tighten it by raising it one time, after the other.
exercise is very similar to that of In previous
sit in the same position as the third
. also strip foundation for achieving an exercise ball. This time, however, tighten the rope with both hands at once.

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