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How to drive a snowplow on skis

How to drive a snowplow on skis for beginner skiers, it is important to master the techniques of so-called exit

For beginner skiers, it is important to master the techniques of the so called reunion plow, because it is also a useful technique when braking Here are instructions
, ..... what is the technique and the Congress realizes they need to do to To get under control
plow horse is downhill skiing at an angle and is the basis for other forms of drive phase płużenia Congress plow valuable assistance - inhibition. In normal position the rear plow both skis are spaced at a width of beaks in hand, both skis equally burdened.
recommended that the legs are in position in relation to not open too wide, but it is better to bend your knee forward and inward, a little on the X. It will zakrawędziowane skis inward, and the upper body will be a vacancy. columns facing sideways.
driving a plug for the best first step is a straight path with a good grip. the final section, where you can stop
forms of exercise you perform the following exercise in
. plow position, then exit in a relaxed Congress plow position. with different attitudes ski angle: narrow. gliding - gliding plow and broadly inhibiting - plug brake
In any case the position to run the plug can not be a rigid stance and position, force should be loose and uninhibited This should not be. Ski-open position - knees bent forward and the center -.
most common mistakes that beginners are too small for the position angle of the skis, snowshoes too large an angle, or the opening angle and load, stiff legs, beak skis too far apart odciążaniu - slides with a twist obunożnym skiing on the outside, while the knees are bent forward and inward. It should work on this full body weight.
position to exit the ski plow closes up again to its straightness. This freed them automatically hook edges. so you can gradually let the back Nart parallel.
the basic experience, dispensing speed and braking of Sciences. It often happens that you have to avoid obstacles or stop in time to prevent catastrophe.
to control braking, perform the following exercises. first we practice to place a position to reposition output plug to run straight through the rhythmic jumping We attack the position of the exit on the right -. open position of the skis - a stronger lower body slipping back of the skis, then slip the plug
We invasion. position to exit the plug, let the skis gliding in a position to run straight through the light back on, and then attack as well as up and repeated twisting obunożne times at each other. The following exercise is a transition from sliding to stop the plow to plow back and forth. is the last exit on the right side trying to stop the plug on the selected line.
site practice should be with good adhesion and smooth finish, but not quite straight.

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