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How to turn on the rollers

How to turn the rollers No Good

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driving forward or less under control, balance generally are able to capture the general kind of moving forward is always someone stops, and there is only one eye on the job .., tree or bench is sure to find it. Or plain lawn, or give advice. Alternatively, you can yell at people fled out of the way, if you do not want to be rammed. But what about turning? Here, one should in some way reflects on any technique. To make it easier below some tips on turning the art of skating, youll still get where you want.
Start of parallel rollers. Post feet, you turn slightly forward. If you want to turn right, shows the right leg when the left - the left side shows .... Suppose we turn to the right before you move your weight onto your right foot, put a little pressure on the outside roll right foot held parallel to each other again until the end of a hand held perpendicular to the body. Avoid too rozjeżdżania rollers.
You can also turn in a different way . not slow down while driving, you can contact by crossing the legs alternately, it is called przeplatanka. translate legs one after another, and turning to the right or left. For sure you know what I mean. Only podpatrzeć professional people rollerblading.
This is not the end torsion method. You can also try other than that previously gave me. drive straight, arms bent at the elbows wheels slightly forward, as if caught by a balance. Then bend your knees. bend, turn right over the right leg, left and right slide and try to describe a semicircle . English language is a technique called lungs of the turn.
legs spread apart at a distance of more than shoulder width apart. Bend one leg at the knee a little and start to squirm.

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