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How to strengthen your legs for the winter season

How to strengthen your legs for the winter season, a well-developed muscles and tendons are important for winter sports

well prepared
muscles and tendons are important for winter sports you ski or snowboard strong legs, especially in the upper parts, will help you stand all day on the slopes Fortunately, the development of leg muscles.?. Very simple. If you start exercising the leg muscles of three months before the winter holidays you will notice a big difference when you are first time skiing. Here are tips to choose the right exercises to prepare your legs for ski and snowboard season.
In Those who have never experienced riding a bike on snow and ice May be wondering why some take it at all. Cycling in winter is to say some important advantages, which are certainly
save time. Cycling through the city is much faster than moving around the crowded streets and snow-covered car or bus.
convenience. If you drive round the bike, then youre used to not depend on public transport or availability of the parking lot. In addition, if you have a bicycle basket or carrier does not need to carry heavy zakup├│ww hands.
Cycling does not harm the environment as opposed to alternative modes of communication. You do not have to worry about snow removal vehicles, scraping ice from the window, refueling, parking, etc. If you normally ride the bus or tram
, if advantage is that you do not have to wait at a bus stop and freeze.
Cycling in winter is an active way to spend time outdoors. Lots of winter days are dry, sunny and beautiful - Cycling is therefore very enjoyable - provided of course that you are dressed warmly. Besides
Cycling in winter is a challenge and of course delighted. / Ul
Here are some hints and tips to remember when riding a bicycle in the winter, when snow and ice.
Pay attention to the ice. Sometimes it is not easily visible. If you hit on it already, go straight, no pedal, no brakes or twist the steering wheel. If
or frozen compacted snow and very slippery, its good to ride standing up. So you can glide fast in the case supporting leg.
Check how slippery. Before embarking on a way to make the test. Drive the rear wheel, put on the ground and check tire catches surface or may be slipping. Or - is going relatively slowly push the rear brake hard. In this way you will learn how slippery and you can adjust the speed to road conditions.
If possible, keep the side streets. The snow was so packed and slippery making driving more enjoyable and safer.
Avoid riding on busy streets. Cycling through the main streets in the winter is much more dangerous than normal. The driver of the car can slip the consequences could be disastrous for you.
Drive carefully and plan well ahead braking. You should always be ready to come forward with your feet on the side to help in the inhibition. If the snow is wet and then gently brake and flash.
Avoid obstacles and potholes on the road. Try and stay away from pedestrians. If you are driving along the sidewalk and pedestrian traffic is high it is better to get off the bike and take
tram tracks are very slippery in the winter -. Especially when the snow -. Run or ride a bike on it at right angles, with the pedals parallel to the ground, standing - bent legs -.
Cycling in winter is better not to listen to music, and if that happens, its very quiet. Listening to loud music while riding a bicycle is one of the most common causes of accidents involving cyclists.

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