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How to Go Snowboarding orczyku

As we go to orczyku snowboarding in Poland, currently dominated by the elevator, so it is extremely important for a beginner is the ability to leave the ship orczyku snowboarder

In Poland, for now dominate the elevator, so it is extremely important for a beginner is the ability to leave the ship snowboarder orczyku Without this ability we have to approach the mountain most of the time, not spend it on education .... snowboarding
removable rear leg settings and access Orczyk
Desk in the direction we Orczyk
Orczyk hand is based on the upper front leg and thigh leg straps - rear legs.
protruding from the back of my connections - to insert a slip - . be a piece of shoe - fingers - hold the snow in order to stabilize the board
weight to move the front foot .. the burden will allow you to control the moment of Jerks Orczyk.
hand Orczyk kept as low, so that the shoulders and torso to Orczyk facing forward. If you hold too high, then the T-bar lift will pull your shoulder can cause a drop in how Do not lean forward -. shoulders and arms should be in the same area of ​​the pelvis -. can even be slightly tilted back
not initially Look at your shoes hold the pendulum block shoulders and pelvis .. the body does not jerk back and legs flew in the panel were not in the back, or vice versa - at the feet of the board were back
Look ahead and look in August do not look around, but .. but certainly not see whether, as a colleague managed to get into.
few meters before the end of the drive, firmly grasp the hand Orczyk and move them aside to make legs.
leave as soon as possible place for take-off .

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