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How to train your abdominal muscles at the gym ball

How to train your abdominal muscles at the gym ball exercises on the ball are very effective, and most importantly safe for us

exercise balls are very effective, and most importantly for us, certainly with the ball you can train virtually every muscle in the body, however, I will focus on abdominal muscles, which is dreaded for some of us all ... we have a nice belly - and thanks to the exercise ball can
Lie on the mat Put your hands behind your head, bend your knees Put the ball between his legs, then grab your legs, keeping the ball between his legs ..... lift your legs and bring knees to chest . Simultaneously lift your head up, straightened his hands toward the ball.
Lie on the mat. Put your hands behind your head. bend your knees a little, grab the ball feet. Pick and lower legs while holding the ball.
Lie on the ball, as shown above. brace your feet, so its not sturlać. hands behind your head, wear. the slope, but not much. not cut back the lower part of the ball. carry it a little off on the left.
Lie on the ball side. feet propped up on country, with one hand on the ball. replace your other hand behind his head, as in Fig. bending as if you wanted to touch the sides of the elbow, and then the floor beneath her head.
Use large balls. accept a position as push-ups. Then switch legs on top of the ball. Keep your back straight. bend the knee. ball will pass automatically to your ankles and feet. Then push off your legs and return to the previous position. It is difficult version of push-ups.
accept a position as push-ups . Put your feet on top of the exercise ball. Slowly raise your butt up. strongly supports hands. Keep the spine straight, tighten your abdominal muscles. Slowly return to starting position. a few repetitions.
lie flat on the floor. put your feet on the ball the exercise of moderate size. feet on the knees should be bent at an angle of ninety degrees. Slight gap between your legs, your feet should touch only the toes. Cross hands on chest. Lift your head, you should not lie on the ground. Perform crunches by bending in the direction ball. not separate your lower back off the floor.
you will need a large exercise ball Lie on her skinny legs on the ground in order to feel safe -. look at the photograph -. hands to lift the head on both sides, but they would not should have contact with her. Follow półskłony, hands should go along with the head. Do this exercise slowly.
exercises similar to his previous
. Suppose same place on the ball as in the previous
. This time, take the ball medicine in their hands and holding it firmly półskłony follow as before.

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