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How to Survive a skiing holiday

How to survive the first rush of skiing holidays to ski may not be longer than six weeks in plaster

first foray into the ski does not have to be older than six weeks in plaster You just have to follow certain rules to ensure safety first you have previously completed the form, do not drive under the influence of alcohol, and not try to slalom between the trees as James Bond.
u Do your homework. / u
8 of 10 people decide to go skiing for the first time in my life overestimate their abilities especially young people, especially men. After first few hours of the morning on the slopes have enough. urazówu most common cause is a poor state skiers. before the ski season it is recommended that the training lasted for six weeks to three months, depending on the severity. trails, where to go It is important to thoroughly prepare the cardiovascular system, and develop adequate leg strength - fitness - it is also important to balance and coordination - pilastes -.
Before you go on a trip to see the provisions of the International Ski Federation. skiers or snowbordzista should behave on a slope, so as not to endanger themselves and other persons located at the exit routes.
u Do not drink alcohol. / u
not spoil everything by spending long evenings in the bar. alcohol can affect your body negatively affect concentration and coordination. If you happen to choose the slope of a hangover to drink lots of fluids.
u Begin slowly. / U
winter sports are relatively expensive, so you can feel pressure at all possible to spend time on the slopes. You can, however, have much more fun if you come softly to the question. On the first day is best to stay on the slopes only for lunch and then go home to rest. You can also eat late lunch and go to the slopes at lunchtime, and then the course will be fewer people who will help you to drive.
Stick u on certain tracks. / U
you are not James Bond, and not skiing slalom maneuver between trees to avoid strzałówz guns. If you absolutely can not resist to go on undisturbed snow outside of the marked routes, hire a guide. He never deviates from certain directions.
u Think of the helmet. / U
helmets are recommended for children and adults. Even when you think it is good to drive, do not forget that it is always someone else can come in and hurt you unintentionally. helmet to protect the slopes from the skull and brain injuries.
u Use your eyes and ears. / U
Look before you decide to exit the track. surprisingly large number of beginners who do not like the steep and difficult path. Another mistake made by many beginners and experienced skiers ride with headphones in their ears. When music is playing you will not hear the noise, which is behind you. Someone beginner can get into you, because I did not hear the scream would be suppressed.
u avoid the target. / U
path exists the principle that those who are below take precedence over those that are above, but not used as an excuse. Especially when you begin to learn that runs slower than others and must travel in order to leave a trail for this piece, which will precede you. Try not zajeżdżać road, because it can lead to unpleasant accidents. Do not stop, not to sit in very lively.
u not believe the prescribed levels of difficulty. / U
Green trail is easier than blue, blue is easier than red, and red is easier than black. This is just a theory, in practice it is often not the case. color is not everything. The level of difficulty depends on the slopes, weather, wind, and the number of skiers on the slopes. easy downhill track in difficult weather conditions can be very dangerous. weight path also depends on their preparation, poorly prepared or green or blue route will be far harder than the well-prepared red.
u not be a child. / U
That stupid boy. Everyone says that women on the slopes have a greater feeling than men. It is about male pride, everyone, even beginners wanting to be better than others and unnecessary risk. But the biggest advantage of skiing is to do everything in its way, at their own pace.
u And finally ... / U
not strain and do not worry all the time that something happens to you, since you returned from vacation as a bundle of nerves.

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