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What are the exercises for cellulite?

Who exercise for cellulite when the sun is shining outside, and every woman throwing off clothes attractively decorate the body tan, the desire for beautiful, smooth skin is stronger than ever

outside when the sun is shining, and every woman throwing off clothes for body art attractive tan, the desire for beautiful, smooth skin is stronger than ever cellulite reduction is a huge number of women a necessity .. methods are different, some less, some more effective. However, none of them will not bring long-lasting effect without a balanced diet and adequate exercise. following is a set of anti-cellulite and firming exercises that you can successfully perform at home.
U Yoga / u If
do you like yoga, particularly recommend two exercises. For starters, try the following exercise. Lie on your back, arms at your sides. Now bend your knees and pull them towards your face, hands resting cross. Keep elbows flat on the floor, hold it for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position
second exercise is more advanced, but even more help in the fight against cellulite default position is beyond the exercise of first - generation to head ... -. Now Straighten your legs behind your head reaches for them, your fingers should be based on the ground. then straighten your arms, placing them on the floor, the hands down. Submits a 8-10 breaths and bend the knee to the face, slowly return to its rest position.
u Bridge / u This exercise
Everyone knows that. lying on the floor on his back, legs bent at the knees. Now, raise your hips until the middle part of the body will not be easy. side scrolling arms. survives in this position for 10 seconds. longer endure, it will be more effective exercise. bridge also involves the muscles of buttocks, abdomen and back, so that a positive effect on the number of problematic body parts at once.
seafront squats / u
simple and very effective squats are a great way to build resistance to the back of the thigh muscle . activity can vary depending on your needs. doing squats on the exercise ball exercises will be much more comfortable and less heavy. good alternative to the position of chair. remain in it for 30 seconds before returning to the starting position increases the weight and exercise activates more muscle.
seafront trips to Forward / u
As the sit-ups, trips to the front very effectively wysmuklajÄ… legs and buttocks. exercise looks simple, but after a few repetitions will begin to feel pain in the muscles. outing can increase the intensity drop-down or making them dumbbells - and also work your arms -. variation of this exercise -. excursions aside, allowing the shape and the inside thigh muscles

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