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Learning to skate

Learn To Skate Learn to Skate in mind several things.

Learn to skate in mind several things you can not just put on ice skates and go ride Here are some tips for first experiences with the skates do not forget to keep going .. now. Ever learn. So wkroczmy the rink, before arrival of spring.
before you leave the rink, make sure that your skates on and adjusted the size of the foot. Precise formation of ice skates on your feet is just as important. leg would not have escaped with his skates and fly. opinać be a good foot and ankle.
It is good to choose the right kind of skates. says its best for the beginner skates for figure skating. They have teeth on the front-runners, which can be very useful in recovering and maintaining. In addition, protecting the ankle boots. However, these teeth have their deficiencies. beginner skater can stumble on them, and thus turn.
Also, you can opt for ice hockey. are narrower and shorter than the previously mentioned figurówki hokejówkach The runners have no advice Therefore, contrary to popular opinion, many novice skaters decided only this type of skates on them can also drive a lot faster - ... but first you must learn, of course, what hokejówkach really need to go fast. For people just starting their adventure with the skates so I only recommend this type of ice skates. the skates to ride fast , so. panczeny. But they are intended only to set the sliders.
practice falling and getting up from the ice. and bend your knees deeply. tilted slightly to one side and leaning forward a little when you fall. Put your hands before his knees and turned on hands and knees. put one foot between the hands. Next Join other. Push up on the ground and stand up.
Go to the gang. Remove the pads from the blades of skates and slowly while holding the band, visit the rink.
constantly keep gangs . Try to escape from a small rink, so it does not interfere with incoming and outgoing. first
on ice for some can be fascinating, frightening to others. But do not give up. rink is really a cool thing.
now dare let the band. gently push away from it. bend your knees slightly. not waving his hands. If you are driving or skating you should go easy.
Take a deep squat. hands and should be more or less level with the buttocks. Wyćwiczysz about maintaining balance. You have to feel comfortable standing on the ice and doing squats. For now, do not move. Can I now think that it is sit-ups in place is not art, but believe me, that the ice is very different. Learn how to balance the body. Only then will move on the ice.
Remember when dealing with the fall? Now you can see how it goes on the ice. harder, right?
skates are likely to slip. You can also stand on your feet and rest your hands on the ice. Put your hands between the skates and pick up. First one, then the other leg. Maybe this will make it easier for you.
Try to go through the ice. try to push back and take a piece of the two legs. practice maintaining balance.
How to stop? spread your legs a bit. Turn skates, so that the front part was directed at the center. At the same time swing the body gently back. You can also bend one leg at the knee and go to a skate. second skate perpendicular to the first and inhibited. Everything has a practice, of course.
After these exercises, which has more time for other less time for real riding on ice. First March in place. then start to walk and move forward. away from the surface of ice time, second time a part of the inner edge of skates closer his bended knees. Follow movement of the hips, as if waves.
Remember that skating is fun. Enjoy it! Do not give up after initial failures. Rome was not built! You can also wear wrist guards and knee
placing first and on the ice. Have a great ride!

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