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How to treat tight muscles

How to treat strained muscles tense muscles can be very painful

muscles can be very painful this disease can give us the figures, even when performing basic tasks This happens when we use our muscles and stretch them too much can lead to serious complications . most effective treatment is taking ibuprofen and alternating hot and cold compresses. Here you will find more clues.
Stop activities that cause tension in the muscles. sure you know when it happened. You will feel a sharp, stabbing pain. During
first 24 hours of injury, apply cold compresses. best for this purpose will be an ice cube wrapped in cloth. Keep the ice on bolÄ…cym place for 20 minutes five minute break. Now wait about half an hour, and again Hold the ice. After 24 hours, You can use alternate hot and cold compresses. hot poultice to put on sore muscles for about 20 minutes, wait about 30 minutes, then apply ice for 20 minutes.
If the pain is very annoying you can turn to drugs containing ibuprofen in its composition. Take them to a distance of four to six hours. normal dose is 2 tablets. These nonsteroidal medications that can help to reduce pain and inflammation.
For about three days without muscle damage. Try to restrict all movement. thing is to heal the muscle to the extent that it can function normally. muscles will heal much faster if you allow them to rest at an early stage of damage.
If after a few bottoms begin to feel better, begin slowly stretching the muscle. stretching accelerates its circulation, which certainly helps in the healing process.
Hydrotherapy can be very helpful in the healing process. remain in the pool or Jacuzzi slowly tense and relax muscles. same can be done at home, in terms of the bath.

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