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What size snowboard?

What size snowboard ski and snowboard season just started

Ski and snowboard season is just a time encourages us to spend a wonderful weekend, whizzing around the white powder on the slopes of some, however, begins his adventure in the snow What size snowboard choose what length and width will be convenient for you Choosing the right snowboard is very important -?. especially for beginners and inexperienced lovers
u length snowboard / u
length is measured in centimeters, however, this measure is often abbreviated and given in last two digits, for example, the board size is 56 means that Burton has a total length of 156 cm snowboards even have the shortest length of 95 cm - .. for the kids - and the longest community exceeds 180 cm.
u to select appropriate length of snowboard should compare it to your height. / u Snowboard
first vertically oriented reaching to the chin. Such panels easier maneuvering and so are perfect for driving. community of this size are also preferred by riders who like to perform various tricks and enjoy the snow parks and pipes.
2 the average length of the snowboard. vertical board should end up at a height between the chin and nose. That length is recommended for intermediate and advanced rides on the boat. Must have experience in driving the ┼╝nych various areas including parks do not snowboard.
third plank lengths reaching from the eye level of a few inches above his head. Long boards are used for very high speed driving and driving in mountainous areas.
the hardness of the community / u Skiers
weight - weight for height - can follow the above guidelines, however, they should look around for tougher seat Skiers underweight board should have more. soft
u width Panel / u
slat width must be matched to the size of the feet People with small feet need narrow boards, while those with big feet - .. wide.
Board width is measured in inches or millimeters wide that can be found in the specification as a waist width - .. deck board manufacturer and catalog, which is usually found on the internet the best way to select the correct width to the board on a flat surface. it should fixed connection or interest to put in the exact position they are going to go. This is important because the larger the angle, a smaller span.
while standing in place of shoes should extend beyond the width of the board. If the toes and heels are far from the edge, then we have a big problem with the screws. It is also important that the fingers and the heel does not stand out too much for the board, they will cope with the snow and stop driving.
Below is a table showing selection committee for lean individuals. table is only approximate, and the purchase should take into account the factors described above and preferred riding style.
Women approximate size of the plates are
Weight - kg - Length of board - cm -
to 40135-140
40 - 50140-145
50-60145 - 155
60 - 70150-160
over 70 155 more
weight - kg - Length of board - cm -
to 40140-145
40-50145 - 155
50 - 60150-160
60 - 70155-165
70 - 80155-165
80 - 90160-170
above 90 165 and more

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