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How to behave in case of avalanches

What to do in case of avalanche Avalanche can be compared to the carpet you stand on it and suddenly he is being pulled out from under their feet

avalanches can be compared to the carpet you stand on it and suddenly he is being pulled out from under their feet the difference is that the avalanche may have even a few thousand tons of snow and run at speeds over 150 km /. Avalanche hours per year are caused deaths of many travelers, some of the victims die from their injuries, and some of the cooling body. In the face of an avalanche of every man is powerless. There are several things you can do to increase your chances of survival. You are below.
in Skip the side of the avalanche. / u
While most of the moving mass of snow avalanches in the middle, so when you see the beginning of the avalanche above you or below where you are, change your position so that it is as far as possible to the center. In the avalanche is much less snow, and even if it is not buried inside him very deeply.
u stay on their feet as long as possible. / u
If youre on foot or on skis as long as possible, try to stay upright. This increases your chances to move to one side or the total avalanche bypass. easier said than done, of course, remove the legs from under the weight of snow. do everything in your power, even if you fall and unclip throw Skis and Poles, and remove the bag as accessories that will be drawn deeper into the avalanche. If you are on the snowboard, try and remove the board as soon as their feet. Snowboard is like a brick attached to his feet sinking.
seafront to catch something . / u
If you can not avoid something avalanche Hornbeam tree, rock protrusions and keep going as hard as you can. If the avalanche is not great, or if you are on her side, perhaps I can not wait to spend the whole appearance of snow. even If not that, by the end of an avalanche, at least increase your chances that you will join an avalanche is not very deep. You must remember, however, that large avalanches can uproot trees and take the boulders.
Swimming stay on surface of the avalanche - an avalanche of dust or down -. / u
The human body is denser than snow, so it is drawn deeper into an avalanche. To maximize your chances of survival must remain on the surface of the avalanche, for this purpose while moving snow that mimic the movements of the hands to do breaststroke. Do not try to fight with the snow, however, because only needlessly lose their force. Sense the direction in which the moving snow and swim with the current moving gently to the surface. This is the best if you still have your head above the snow when an avalanche begins to slow down, try to get your whole body to the surface.
u If you find yourself under the snow to create a space to allow breathing. / u
After stopping the avalanche of snow settled very quickly, so if youre into it so deeply that you can not get out of yourself your only hope is that a large amount of air you need until someone with you odkopie.
u create air pockets in the vicinity of the nose and mouth / u. When the avalanche slows down, but before it stops-left, his hand in a bowl on the mouth and nose so as to create an air pocket. With this small area should benefit from the air about 30 minutes.
u deep breath. / u Before the snow starts to settle a deep breath and stop the air for several seconds. While inhaling chest expanded so that when the snow settles, you will have room for respiration. If the snow settles, when you are on the exhale, you have enough space to breathe then.
u Save air and energy. / u
When the snow settles, try to move, but so as not to jeopardize of air pockets. If near the surface you are trying to dig out. will help you to spit or pee, but keep in mind that youll have to dig quickly froze not fluids, because stwardniejÄ… and it will be difficult obstacles to overcome. If you do not waste your energy deep and entrusts ineffective struggle with snow. Keep calm wait. If you hear of people trying to shout as loud as possible, but if you do not give to know that you hear not stop encouraging waste air. You will probably hear less than they do.

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