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How to Snowboard bindings

How to Snowboard bindings Even if you do not intend to mount the commitments, the ability to adjust the slope is very useful

Even if you do not intend to mount the commitments, the ability to adjust the slope is very useful in fact, it often happens that after a few runs to loosen the binding itself If you can not do it alone and poor. Ensure bonds will be able to fully take advantage of their community. This is due to lack of control over the snowboard, and ultimately threatens to roll over. Here are some tips on how to quickly and cleverly solved.
u Check the compatibility of bonds based / u
If you want to join Burton bindings -. 3x3 hole - with the board of another company Burton - 4x4 holes - then you need a special pillow - which is usually a set of moorings -. Burton uses a 3x3, while other companies to lock 4x4 system. This decline will Be sure that the binding is assured.
u track width snowboard bindings. / u
.. Usually this width at shoulder width more than one person, the greater the distance snowboard stance should be ok:
height below 150 cm - 44 cm in males or less - females 41 cm or less
150-160 cm tall - males 44-46 cm - women
41-43 cm 160-170 cm tall - males 46-49 cm - women
43-46 cm 170-180 cm tall - males 49-52 cm - Women 46-49 cm
rise above 180 cm - 52 cm or more males - females 49 cm or more
in corners snowboard bindings / u, depending on driving style. halfpipe
free, snowpark 15/5 - or 21 duck / -9 - attention, because the duck destroying knees -
Junior 30/15
Freeride 25/15
Extreme 25/15
Freecarving 45/35
tighten all the bolts in the retainer, and then repeat this step again. with screws for hard drive. As with skis tight binding does not seem great difficulty in maneuvering, and can even lead to accidents.
u highback angle adjustment. / u
. you have to use the wheel that regulates the performance of your deposit Although there is no rule that set them up, you lean slightly forward at an angle of 10 to. That 15 degrees is the magic limit that ensures a safe ride. However, if youre not in that position for himself the right place, you can automatically adjust the tension error method of testing. Find out what setting is right for you. selection of the appropriate angle will allow you a comfortable ride, not a burden on your knees and balance. should know that the higher the pitch, driving is more tiring, but it is more efficient.
u Make sure the shoes match the bindings . / u Do
between binding and boot no gap? important factor is the empowerment of tape on his shoes. They should be tailored to the legs, but does not restrict blood flow and cause pain to their tension too strong. Now youre ready to go .

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