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How do situps

How to do Squats Squats are one of the basic exercises that we do

Squats are one of the basic exercises that we do exercises that are technically very difficult to implement Very often people do squats very bad, which is primarily a negative impact on the knees and hocks, which again will be too heavily. But, properly executed squat is a great value and is used in many training sessions, starting with exercises designed to rehabilitate back into hard training bodybuilding. So, anyone can do sit-ups, no matter what the sport is growing. Properly performed squats practice primarily quadriceps muscle ischia Shin thighs, buttocks, but to a lesser extent also involve the abdominal muscles especially the back muscles in your lower leg or stabilize the relationship. There are a number of sharing in przysiadówi are
u squat without load / u , they should be performed at the beginning, because the minimum chargeable on muscles and joints
be free standing, legs. covers the width of your shoulders, relax your knees and feet placed parallel to each other.
slowly and gradually lower the body by moving your hips back just like regularly sit in a chair for example.
sit until it can determine podudziami angle of approximately ninety degrees.
, but then up to the maximum extension of the leg, so that the muscles were in constant tension.
Remember to keep the spine erect. chest to try to throw forward. that would avoid rounding your back. center of gravity of the body, keep the Metatarsus. Remember to line your knees do not cross the line of the toes. Do not forget, of course, proper breathing during exercise, inhale as you slide down and exhale while straightening your legs.
u squat with a weight / u, for example, at least held back.
This exercise is difficult because the drain, part of the bodys own weight we must lift the weight, we impose a bar to start position and also perform this exercise is the same as the first exercise of this exercise should be approached once mastered squat without loading Above all, avoid sudden movements, ...; .. you are able to cause a disorder that often leads If the injuries are not able to come to ninety-degree angle between the thigh and podudziami go down to an angle of about forty-five degrees
u Squats with and without back bar was held in solution
u / u
first perform this exercise without weights, after learning the proper technique you can do with a barbell. Stand in wide solutions
at the feet of each other, except for twice shoulder-width apart.
feet head on the outside so that the angle between them is about forty-five degrees.
do squat slowly lowering hips down and focus on their knees out. not exceed ninety degrees angle between the thighs and podudziami.

technical assumptions are similar to those described in the exercises with the difference that now need to pay attention not to twist the knee in the knee and can not exceed the foot line - very important -.

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