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How to jump rope

How to jump rope skipping reminds us of childhood

reminds us of childhood, but, in fact, a skipping rope a great tool for fitness with him you can really lose weight, not enough to jump you must also know how to properly do so would harm their health .... . This is a fun form of exercise because it does not require sophisticated equipment, you can successfully jump into your home and jump in ten minutes you can burn 100-160 calories. rope or you can take with you everywhere, like a park or going on vacation. Below you will find basic information on the proper skipping rope.
u What a jump rope to choose? / u the best jump rope for beginners to jump rope or stranded PVC. reason is that you can successfully use them to skip straight to the mastery of basic skills when it comes to jumping rope. On the other hand, jump rope rope is too weak. Not for long jump, it is easy to destroy. In addition, do not respond quickly to the movements of the hands. have to bother her a bit. skip rzemienna is mainly designed for athletes. They are also loaded with ropes. very good for muscle formation. must, however, know how to jump rope properly to avoid injury to hands.
u How to choose the right rope for Growth / u Keep in mind that the ropes are of variable length. Always check the length of rope and a timetable for their height. To do this, standing in the middle of the foot rope in both hands grasping the handles and lift them stretching the rope. skipping rope is right for you, if they reached the hands of his arm. In
u what to wear? / u It is best if you open an easy jump, sports clothing. However, it can not be dressed too wide to jump rope without zahaczaƂa not. So, trousers should be tailored to your body, wear socks or tailored shorts. Remember that clothes do not mean to be a tight-fitting clothes. Do not forget the proper footwear.
u treat the rope as a machine for cardio, and not for fun. / u is ill, catch and jump rope continuously for half an hour to jump Start slowly, then accelerate to jump Do not stop now - .. jumping to slow the release in full and do not stop Do not worry though failure -. eventually get to a safe jumps.
u Remember stretch before each jump and do a little body of a brief warm-up. / u No connections to jump in a minute or two, not a knee crunches. lift your hands high up and stretch your body. moments come in the place. Only after heating, You can jump start. Here are some suggestions for jumping rope.
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