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How to choose a tennis racquet

How to choose a tennis racket of Whatever you are a beginner or been playing tennis for a long time, and you already know almost everything, buying a tennis racket can be a great investment

Part Whether you are a beginner or have played tennis for a long time, and you already know almost everything, buying a tennis racket can be a great investment Selecting the most appropriate is not so simple and you get to the shops can not buy better missiles in the first place. it from it will largely depend on your game. so I give some practical advice on how not to get lost in and choose the best tennis racket.
u thick handle. / u does not handle sizes our choice of model rockets, but only a proper fit in your hand I just wrote - ... but very important issue we measure the length of the arm of the ring to the middle of its inner parts, as in the photograph above it should be the length of the handle. After all, before buy a rocket in his hand.
handle it right, if you can put your finger into the opening formed between the fingertips and hands.
If the difference is too large, it means that we need fewer hands.
and vice versa. If the gap is too narrow, select the rocket with a thicker handle.
Unfortunately there is no medium. So, if your hand is between the sizes available, buy a smaller rocket, and then the wind on its cover, in order to obtain the desired thickness . If nothing else, there will always be peeled off.
/ ul
u size volume WKI missiles. / u Since it depends on the precision and power hit the ball. If you are a beginner tennis player for the best You will go over. increases the probability of hitting the ball and not have to hit the ball it means. However, there is a minus quantity, WKI, or loss of control of the ball. so it is best to choose a head the size of 95-110 cm. Less missile head is recommended for professional tennis players.
seafront Mass Missile There are three types of states: BR
on the head - for those who do not have much power, and precision ball did not play for them, most importantly,
deal & ndash, for professional players, racquet gives much greater control over ball, the player gives strength
indifferent - it is as the center between the two previous balansami
/ ul
u. Length of the rocket. / U Traditional snowshoes have a length of 27-29 inches. The standard, however, are those with a length of 27 inches. More racquet, the greater the rotation of the ball broadcast. Longer racquets and facilitate serving. They are also generally lighter.
u beam thickness. / U This is the part that is mounted on the grid. The wider beam gives more power to strike, but not so much control over the ball.
u tension network. / U It has a very big impact on the comfort of the game. Open tension will make the ball spin. Unfortunately, this has to be replaced more often because it breaks down faster. Tension is closed, and will give you greater control over the ball.
u price. / U If you go to play tennis regularly and treated seriously, the price should not be determinant for you. If we do not intend to be associated with tennis for a long time or from time to time, do not overpay. You can also buy a used racket.

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