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How to increase the bottom

To increase the buttocks Many women are interested in their buttock enlargement

Lots of women are interested in expanding their buttocks not only the ideas that stand out from the crowd, but to be more sexy and look better if you want to increase your buttocks, you must first focus on building muscle .. in this part of the body muscle must be designed so that it does not look as fat. Here are tips on what to do to increase the volume of the buttocks.
seafront exercise. / u
u Squats / u is an excellent exercise for the glutes. allow you to increase the size pośladkówi beautifully shaped muscles. In addition, there are muscles in the legs, which gives them a proportionate look. You need to exercise regularly for a more beautiful buttocks.
forward in Tours / u is as good as squats, help shape the buttocks nice if it regularly.
Excavations u back. / u perform exercises while standing on one leg, other leg to make excavations at the rear wheels. The leg needed to be high enough to feel the muscles tensing your buttocks. Repeat the exercise 10 times on each side.
u nógw lift up / u. exercises you can do at home or in the gym with a load . Lie on your stomach, legs bend at the knees, straighten your legs and lift your legs up as high as you can.
u Climbing stairs / u can build muscle pomócw buttocks. This exercise can be very effective if you go up the stairs two at a time and quickly converge downward.
u relax the buttocks / u is a great way to give them a nice shape. tighten your muscles for about 30 seconds, then slowly relax. Repeat this exercise about 3 times. If you exercise regularly, you will see results quickly.
u Run / u pośladkówi can help shape the muscles to make them. run every day for about 15 minutes, preferably in the morning. If you have the option to Run Uphill , then the muscles work better.
u food. / u
Try some lose weight. eliminate unhealthy foods like chips, crisps, fast food. Eat healthy, eat at least three daily servings of fresh fruit u / u.
irrigation Purify your body by drinking lots of water u. / u Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine.

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