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How to exercise safely during pregnancy

How to exercise safely during pregnancy moderately heavy exercise are recommended for pregnant women

moderately heavy exercise are recommended for pregnant women will add you more energy and you will not worry too much przytyłaś pregnant after birth, your body will go back into your body very quickly ...
Tell your doctor that want to exercise during pregnancy, talk to him you can certainly do what you need to avoid.
If ćwiczyłaś active before pregnancy, then during the period you are free to practice for only some modifications, his exercise regime.
not performing violent exercise, but focus on the quiet, such as cycling or water aerobics. walking or running are also safe, just before you have comfortable shoes.
safest place is carried out three times a week and the rest of the day vacation.
not exercise the power, you can not go easy, you should feel a little tired, but relaxed.
Drink plenty of water and do not overheat.
wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably with a breathable material .
Remember that pregnancy is not the time to establish some personal information.
Do not forget that in the coming months of pregnancy, the belly will grow, and thus became the center of gravity. Remember that doing exercise on a stepper, aerobics or even jogging.
Never perform an exercise in the supine position after the third month of pregnancy.
Look for a special group for mums. in such exercises often take place under the supervision of a trainer. good place can be a labor school, he spent the exercises for pregnant women and breathing and stretching exercises.

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