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Windsurfing: how to predict the wind

Windsurfing: how to predict the wind to find some information on the wind forecast for windsurfing or kiting?

How to find some information about the outlook for wind surfing and kiting
If you start the adventure from windsurfing or kite is really the most important factor in these sports is a breeze, and - at the end .. but It may be, until .. -. temperature outside Believe me - these are the conditions necessary to enjoy this hobby
unfortunately, is not so easy to find in the mass media are important for our concerns about when we can expect good. Conditions for swimming. ~ ~ HEAD = NNS select the site nearest to your place to swim, and then click Next.
see the forecast winds for the upcoming tydzień.Najwygodniej set of links on the left side of the force of the wind at - km / h, because then you will read it as accurately as possible forces wiatru.Jeśli see the yellow star in the evaluation of the line Windguru pack your bags and go
find credible information is a bit down -. left side is the inscription WRF 9 km -. for free Unfortunately the version that forecast, the delay of 12 hours, but even so the data are reliable ... if you have a few pounds in his pocket is best to pay a subscription
Other useful sites are:.
eg http:// . Windfinder. com/forecasts/wind_poland39.htm choose UM network model. 4 km long 48 hours, forecasts, and then click on the map where you are
SUMMARY:. . best wind conditions in spring and autumn, so we get proper foam is semi-dry or even dry and warm hood and matching shoes with neoprene.

> Windsurfing: how to predict the wind
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