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The practice of joint cross lap

Who exercise on a cross lap joint exercises proposed here are specially prepared for people who have problems with Sacro-iliac joint

Exercises proposed here are specially prepared for people who have problems with Sacro-iliac joint, however, do not perform this exercise if you feel too much pain or discomfort to check with your doctor and ask if they do. Exercises are recommended for you .
lie down with the door open with the door frame. butt should be placed as close to the threshold. lift the right leg and rely on the door frame. second part should be flat on the floor. Come and buttocks closest to the door frame. should feel tension the muscles in the hip. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat five times. Then change legs.
Arise, right side of the wall. legs together. Lean on the right hand wall, the hand should be straight at the elbow. left hand, Hold the left foot. Try to touch the heel to the buttocks, pulls up the leg as much as possible. hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. Up to 10 reps. Then change legs.
Lie flat on the mat. Bend your knees and feet great hip-width apart, feet should be flat on the floor. hands free to lie on your side. Hands should lie flat on the ground. relax. Then gently separate the legs to the side. So straight stretch the inner thigh muscles. Try of feet as wide as you can. hold it for 20 seconds. link back legs. Do ten repetitions. Lie
based on the elbows. knees and put a pillow between them. feet flat on the floor, hip width apart. Firmly press the knee pad, weaving hard as you can. hold it for 20 seconds. Then loosen the pressure. repeated ten times.
Lie on your stomach. legs, hands under his head. Squeeze buttocks tight and hold it there for 5 seconds. Then release the pressure. repeated ten times.
Lie on your back . bend your knees, feet flat on the floor. Cross hands and fell on her stomach. Then turn left leg to the side, to try to touch the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly return to starting position. Now just tilt the right leg. Do not repeat eight p.m. , ten on each leg. At the time of this exercise, try not to move her hips.
lie flat on the floor. Raise one leg as shown in Fig. Catch the legs below the knees with his hands. Snap leg to your chest as close as you can. During this time we do not cut another leg off the ground or bend their knees. Hold on just 25 seconds. Then release the pressure. Repeat 10 times to change feet.
lie on the mat, bend your knees. Keep your arms, thighs. The next raise both legs at the same time it brings you closer to your chest. Hold for 5 seconds. repeat ten to 20 times.

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