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How to train your abdominal muscles

How to train your abdominal muscles, Strengthening the abdominal muscles and burn fat

Strengthening the abdominal muscles and burn fat. -. Concept is simple but its implementation could be a little harder this requires a little time, dedication, effort and patience to get the flat stomach, you must do two things: build muscle and burn some fat through proper diet and exercise have a really nice abs, but if the cover layer of fat, they will be invisible here are tips on how to train your abdominal muscles

Crunches seafront / u
u / u lie on the floor -. on the mat or not - and stretch your arms to chest - never take your rear their heads. bend your knees. Raise your arms and upper torso toward the knees , for the exclusive use of abdominal muscles. It is important not to distract from the floor the entire back, as this can cause tension and pain, and these movements will help you build abdominal muscles. most important part of doing crunches is to mobilize the abdominal muscles to lift your hands from the floor. In raise your hands off the floor exhale through your mouth, do it. Having already raised their hands to another stop and take a deep breath exhale to release the rest of the air. Now slowly lower your hands on the floor, until the blade touches the floor. make a deep breath at the same time . Do not let your head hit the ground.
u boot. / u
u / u lie on the floor, put your feet flat on the ground, legs bent at the knees and cross your arms on your chest . Ask someone to hold your feet or slip it under something heavy. try to break away from the floor of both shoulders and lower back. Lower the body. Repeat. After a while it will become an exercise becomes easier for you. Increase the number of repetitions or add new challenges. Find slightly inclined bench for exercises or do them in a special ball. You can also add a little load on the chest.
seafront bikes. / u
lie flat on the floor, lift your legs and turn them brings to the chest. Lead your left knee toward the right shoulder, and then return to starting position while flexing the right knee toward your left shoulder.
u train the muscles supporting the spine. / u
to build a truly great abdominal muscles, you must First of all, to know its function. main function of these muscles is to work with your back to maintain the correct posture and spinal stabilization. Therefore, the same abdominal muscle training without training the back muscles, contribute to the imbalance, which, in RA is important to maintain correct posture the abdominal muscles are not only It shows the abdominal muscles the best workout is one that strengthens the muscles and other supporting your spine will be helpful in this case, sit-ups or ... weightlifting. These exercises will create all the muscles that support your spine. addition , and reinforces the other muscles, such as the buttocks, and promotes weight loss.
u boot knife g / u
Lie on your back on the floor, straighten your legs, put your hands on your body slowly lift your legs straight up -. not bend the knee - as I am. will be at 90 degrees to the floor, slowly lower the leg and repeat the whole exercise, do not let the fact that his feet touch the ground to increase the challenge to go to the gym There are instruments of that -. . days on the shoulders - you have to lift your legs up if you use these devices, you can somewhat ease the task of bending the knees and pulling them to the chest is more difficult to raise your legs straight in the chest This exercise helps us to form ... the lower abdominal muscles. If you are truly athlete, trying to pick up your feet with your feet hanging on the medicine ball.
seafront lie flat on the floor. / u Standing
put your hands on your body, they will help you keep your body in balance. If you have already reached them .
u Perform bending and twisting of the body during daily activities. / U
Reach your left hand to things on the right side and vice versa. If you want to do something to turn to see if you can not perform without moving your hips and twisting of the body only at the waist. It is very inconvenient when you want to talk with another person, so use this method only if it relates to items dead. walking or standing in place, pretend to be something coming in your direction, and bend your body to miss her. Do this as often as possible, but do not overdo it. You can perform bending forward, or even sit.
u Enter Run to your daily workout. / U
fast running will help train your abdominal muscles, especially the lower of their party.
Add seafront
complex movements in basic training. / U
to train more and more muscle in the body. For example, linking the abolition wymachami hands. You can also pick up the weights and do a swinging alternately bend. see how much you spend on energy balance. Combine exercise. Be creative.

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