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How to practice yoga positions ship paripurnam Navas

How to practice yoga positions ship

Paripuna Navas reminiscent of a ship equipped with oars and her name on the ship, the ship refers Nava means boat, ship, and paripurnam a full, complete position that strengthens the muscles of the spine, hips and muscles of the Kidneys czterogłowe ... stimulates activity in the gut. Here are some
and how to perform this position.
Sit on the floor. feet should be flat. spine straight. hands lying on the ground, just behind the hips. They should be straight and the elbows draw the silhouette, which further stretches the spine.
then lean back. Remember, however, that the spine was straight all the time.
bend your knees, and then correct them, holding the thighs in the air.
Lift the leg while pulling against each other arms. Both legs and arms should be straight all the time. arms parallel to the floor. hands on the inner part should be returned in the direction of the floor. balance the body.
legs should be drawn. raised a finger.

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