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How to fall on snowboard

How to fall on a snowboard snowboard learn to drive if you must know before you make any progress in running, many times you fall

If you learn to ride snowboard, you need to know before you make any progress in running, many times you fall Learn some techniques for safe falls on the board, youll feel more confident on the slopes here are some . br
and how to behave in an unexpected dump.
struggle with his natural response. When you think that at the time of the fall, do not straighten your shoulders and do not try to catch anything. interlock arm has a strong emphasis on the wrist and may cause defects - dislocations, fracture, crack -.
bend your elbows and forearms to try to lessen your fall If you develop in you when you fall too much speed, you can leave your hands and arms and keep them close to your body, then a drop down start to rotate - Sturla hill
Bend legs at knees to lower center of gravity and try to land on his ass, and when wytracisz gear lying on the back of this method is efficient when the .. toss and turn back. If you have problems with even distribution of your weight and you are not able to Pupa start braking and when the land on your back, do not forget dźwignięciu head. Try to keep it away from the pieces of ice and snow.
Often we fall forward when we catch the front edge. This is because it is slow to shifting weight from front to rear edge. loads of devotion without releasing the fingers. If you are starting to catch the front edge, as soon as possible, move your weight on your heels. When
continue on the other hand, falling on his back. Usually when we catch back edge. Remember the earliest possible transfer of weight to the front edge.
One of the places where most of the catch is an advantage. flat terrain table must therefore be taken only at the edges of the front and rear, for a change you should never go over the entire surface of the plate -. small lump of ice or inequality can catch the edge and tipping -.
wrist fractures. one of the most common injury, which may be caused by snowboarding This is because falls forward, stretch your muscles too much and getting your hands - go down on your hands, thinking it would alleviate the decline -. the entire burden falls focused time on our hands and wrists.
fall back, especially on hard snow, it can be very dangerous, because there is a possibility of head injuries.
Snowboarding is a very dangerous sport . So before you try to learn Locate center with qualified instructors. Under their supervision, you can safely learn to ride a snowboard.

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