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How to spend winter holidays with children

How to spend winter holidays with their children United ami approaching winter vacation

approach the winter holidays for each parent is the ideal time, you can give him a child to provide entertainment and relaxation here are some ideas for a common winter activity. . Br
Go with your child to sled.
make hot chocolate together.
Powycinajcie paper snowflakes.
game with the weather. day to check the temperature and make a chart of how they change during the holidays.
go along on skates.
Urządźcie snowball battle.
play your favorite board games.
Make a bird feeder.
Mierzcie snow, checking how he came to him every day.
Visit the library and look for books that will be able to interest the child.
Namalujcie picture shows a winter landscape. If the child is small, you can paint in the color.
Ulepcie snowman or snow fort for a snowball fight.
draw or write something in the color of snow, or spray paint diluted with water.

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