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How kondycyjnie prepare for ski season

Kondycyjnie How to prepare for ski season, a fact that skiing is possible only at certain times of the year, makes a long awaited and desired?

fact that skiing is possible only at certain times of the year, makes a long awaited and desired the same time it seems that it is very dangerous because you can not practice skiing before the snow falls .. You have to prepare for that challenge your body Many of us lead from time to time, so it is difficult to maintain perfect form if you go skiing, you should remember about the appropriate treatment do not want to end because of his adventures in the hospital - ... broken and the excerpt you learn a few things, primarily to feel the snow. Read the following guidelines - .. Well tell you how to prepare for ski season
u szkódi To avoid disaster, find some time and prepare your body before you go. / u
If you do not have the habit of regular exercise, not too late to start. Knowing that they do, go skiing, you are more motivated to exercise. If you do not already exercise every day, believe that there is no need to adjust your workouts to be more effectively.
u build its strength. / u
choosing to ski must be prepared for strenuous activity. Most of us are planning a trip for the whole day, even if you have over the years or months since the last meeting. In the afternoon youll be so tired that you will not be able to concentrate. not difficult then falls and injuries.
u prepare your heart and body to go skiing, the development of exercise programs. / u

You should be paid to exercise 3-5 days a week, the best preparation for cross-country skis, realized stepper, aerobics and rollerblading Try a different workout time of 25 to 40 minutes if it is almost time to go .. You can extend the training time and make one long each week.
u Look at the next scheduled training. / u
You can use it or draw on it, make your own
Exercise 1. interval training, 20 to 30 minutes
Exercise 2: Exercise at a moderate pace, 40 minutes
Exercise 3: short, intensive training, 20 minutes
Exercise 4: Exercise at a moderate pace, 45 minutes
Exercise 5. long passenger train , 60 minutes
u Increase power / u
skiing requires the activity of all your muscles, however, some muscles are more useful than others for them, exactly when you should focus on endurance training involves skiing:
seafront ... first the quadriceps. / u
probably the most used muscles in skiing. These muscles keep the body in position and protect your knees from injury. best exercises for the muscles that squats and leg swinging.
Opatija second road hamstrings and buttocks. / u
youre driving on skis you can keep your body at an angle from the hip line. It requires great effort pośladkówi hamstring muscles that help stabilize your body. Working on these muscles through weight lifting exercises ball.
u 3 Outer and inner thighs. / u
your inner thigh muscles working like crazy to keep skis together. your outer thigh muscles of the body stable and helps control. Working on these muscles by swinging legs, stretching them to the side, with up or sideways.
u. . 4 calves / u
output knees are bent so that the calves hard work Use them to remain upright and not fall -. just run your ski boots -. Exercise the calf muscles by standing on tiptoe.
seafront fifth and back muscles. / u
Since the inclined position, your back muscles have to work like crazy to keep it. their abdominal muscles help you in this endeavor, while protecting the spine. your side muscles are used when driving on level ground and uphill when using poles. work on those muscles time. rowerka, swinging, stretching back exercises with dumbbells.
seafront sixth hands. / u As
back, arm muscles will help you maintain proper position and stabilize the joints. work on their biceps and triceps.
seafront is now time to enter everything in life. / u
Work on strength, endurance, stability and overall performance. Do not forget to stretch -. maintain flexibility in protecting your body from hazardous injury

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