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How to choose a ski helmet

How to choose a ski helmet Wearing a helmet is no shame

Wearing a helmet is not a shame more and more skiers and snowboarders of all ages choose to wear a helmet can protect you from serious injury, and in some cases can even save your life ... Here are tips How to choose a ski helmet.
u Why wear a helmet? / u
helmet protects you and helps you stay warm. helmets are now available in various shapes, designs and colors, and some even have separate entrances for the iPod, so you can listen to music on the slopes.
seafront What size helmet should I choose? / u
Choosing the right size is not complicated, but its worth thinking twice for a good choice. well-chosen helmets should exhibit good adhesion on the head, but not too tight so as not to cause pressure on the head. standard way to select a helmet is suitable for the measurement of head circumference just above the eyebrows add to the volume of the head about 2 inches - .. size helmet should look
u It is not as easy as it looks / u . br
Not all helmets are the same shape. In most helmets simply select the appropriate size, but there are some models that do not fit, and despite a circle in such a situation, not buy a few sizes larger Try on other helmets, Im sure something can be measured by the correct size.
u tries on the helmet. / u Creating
helmet, put a ring through the eyebrow, close under the chin strap, Helmets must be suitable and convenient Move your head in all directions and see if the helmet moves from side to side, and good adhesion to the back of the helmet should not touch the neck Create glasses - sunglasses ... or, if you normally use - , and see if the helmet is still well not all helmets fit all glasses -. if you already have the glasses would be good to bring them to the store -. Distance between the edge of the helmet and the eyebrows should be about 2-2.5 cm . your glasses should not cause the helmet to raise, if that happens, your helmet is too high and will not protect you well. Take some time to find the appropriate.
u How to choose the right size for children / u
biggest mistake parents buying for children to grow up in a helmet - it was no longer good -. child does not increase much in too short time and may affect the safety helmet. You need to choose a helmet that fits perfectly into your babys head. There is only one case where you can buy a little too big for child helmet that is, the smaller the size is too small and that it oppresses the head. In some models of helmets for children is the ability to adjust the size, which makes buying a helmet for a few seasons.
u you can buy a helmet Online / u
, of course, if you are able to return only if, after trying, it seems that the helmet does not fit. most important thing is that the helmet was a good fit, because only then will protect you very well. Before you decide whether a helmet suits come in it a little around the house.
u When to replace your helmet? / u
helmet is usually good for about 2-3 years. However, if there are prior - It all cracks, dents and scratches do not take risks, to change the new helmets for head protection. helmet, which comes hard, and the pressure becomes useless.

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