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How to catch pike

How to catch pike native, appeared in the waters in the northern part of North America, Europe and Asia, northern pike is a desirable and relatively easy to catch fish

native, appeared in the waters in the northern part of North America, Europe and Asia, northern pike is a desirable and relatively easy to catch a fish, he is known for its high predator greed This is a delicious fish dish and a big pike .. significant achievements. Matter but if you are fishing fanatic or novice pike, read these tips that will increase your chances for his arrest.
small and medium-sized pike you catch in areas with significant amounts of aquatic weeds and lilies, where there are lots of insects, frogs and small fish , which is his food. Large pike are no longer interested in this type of food, they are looking for bigger fish at the end zachwaszczonych tanks, near the rocks and over open water, such as the mouth of the river or stream.
Use the proper bait. Pike is one of the easiest to fish. catch of small and medium-sized samples, use red or white bait with five diamonds, which is yellow, and on its surface shows five red pebbles.
Be patient. Very often play bait for pike, hitting her several times about it before you swallow. hungry pike takes the bait. If pike catch and release, catch you on the same sample several times.
to catch large specimens must choose a sufficiently large bait. Gaining a few inches or chub, roach bait can make a lot of trouble, but your efforts will pay off. chub and roach are relatively easy to capture and present in significant amounts in streams. You can also use ready-made baits for fish shapes and sizes that are sure that you help the catch.
Horse Pike in the same period allows for better copies. spring pike are not suitable for fishing, because they are weak after spawning. To increase the likelihood of catching big things, planning to catch. June to July in August and September the water is much cleaner, which is an advantage for fishermen, but fish do not always look for food at this point.

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