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?. How firm a body set of exercises for the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks

In a solid set of exercises for the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks Below I present a series of exercises that within 6 weeks will make your hands are sexy, flat stomach and firm thighs and buttocks?

. Below
set of exercises that within 6 weeks, will make your hands are sexy, flat stomach and firm buttocks and thighs All of these exercises are composed of interconnected movements, thereby sculpting those muscles at the same time. Thank you get a better balance and coordination. Being in constant motion, instead of sitting at your computer, you can do increase the rate of metabolism in your body. best part is that all these exercises you can do at home.
. u
the foundation / u
equipment -. you will need a kitchen or a time clock on the other hand, you can easily see that the exercise you will need different wnież stairs or 20 - 30 cm level - beginners should use a single class, advanced two -
u training systems: a / u
warm up - 5 minutes walking or running in place
Then do five exercises, spending one minute on each
Other 1 minutes and repeat the whole system beginner Home - you need to do three complete systems
Advanced - perform five complete systems
u Review / u -. do the workout three times a week is not consecutive days of the week did not pay attention per hour, not 10 repetitions of each exercise, mainly concentrating on the form
u Exercise level -. working buttocks, thighs, hamstrings -. / u
Come face to the extent feet along the hand joints the body put your left foot firmly on the step, keep your back straight and your head Move the weight on the leg on the far ..., lift your right leg bent at the knee up so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for one second in this position. Lower the right foot on the floor of the stage, and then join her left leg. Repeat the same exercise with your right foot, lifting left knee. Follow them alternately for each leg.
u Why do it? / u In that mimic the real needs, such as walking up the stairs while raising the knee must learn to balance
u sit elbow to elbow -. work your abdominal muscles -. / u
Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head and lift your head and your feet a few inches above the floor. Try to manage your elbows to your knees.
B. Fasten your stomach muscles and lift the body so that his knees could not touch the knees. body needs rest the tailbone. Hold this position briefly, then lower body. Throughout minutes try not to touch the head and legs. If it is too hard, hold the center of the shoulders on the floor, lift your hips and shoulders to the knees and elbows in order to meet .
u Why do it? / u Keeping your elbows on his knees forcing the operation to align the upper and lower body, strengthening abdominal muscles and increase body awareness
u Climbing -. do the thigh muscles, buttocks, calves and chest -. / u
accept a position as push-ups -. hands placed flat on the floor at shoulder height, straight legs, a body based on the fingers to bend the right leg at the knee and pull forward the height of the body, the knee should be between your hands. Flex your toes melted lift your hips up. back leg, so now the left leg is bent, and the right upright and was in the back. if several repetitions, change legs each time.
?. br u Why it works / u This exercise improves heart function, increases metabolism and helps burn calories faster
u swinging from side to side with the trade body - glutes work w, calves, thighs and external obliques - .. / u
Stop bit
solution, feet hip-width apart at arm straight out in front pulled out his chest, hands clasped together.
make a left and simultaneously turning the upper body in the same direction. Bend the left knee and lower hips, try to keep the left knee vertically above the foot. move your weight onto your left foot and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise for a minute, and then change legs.
seafront Why does it work? / u This move forces to different wnowagi and coordinated movements of the upper and lower body during ruchówz side to side. This is a great exercise to strengthen muscles, which are often in daily life we ​​forget .
u pumps - working the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps -. / u
A. Put your hands on the floor at shoulder height and support the body on the toes legs should be at a distance. from each other , at par with the hip-line. arms are bent at the elbows, knees forward on both sides of the body. body dropped low to the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles and try to keep the body in a straight line from head to ankle.
B . Resist the knee on the floor, then lift the body up. When youre on top, straighten your legs and repeat.
u Why do it? / u With this change of standard push-up quickly build upper body muscles .
each repetition ended as a treat. count repetitions, and then at the end of each exercise, write them down. Try each workout to increase the number of points. Remember, however, maintain the correct position. no matter the number of reps, but their quality .

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