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How to give up the gym while pregnant

In order not to give up the gym during pregnancy there is no need to give up the gym during pregnancy

No need to give up the gym during pregnancy proper air-conditioned gym, it will be ideal for mums Follow the steps below to ensure that during exercise at the gym, pregnancy led her rhythm
track is the first friendly exercise equipment. You can walk or run at their own pace and heart rate monitor and set the speed of the exercises in your fitness. You can always use the handrails on the treadmill, if it would be difficult to find a good rhythm marches and running, and If you lose your balance.
yoga breathing technique to train much needed during pregnancy and childbirth. If your gym does not groups, yoga for pregnant women, consult your instructor regular group that you are pregnant, you can arrange to teach additional items recommended for pregnant women.
bikes at the gym is an ideal way for pregnant women to maintain a state can not run the risk of driving on the streets. If
the gym, swimming pool, use it when you exercise - and if it does not work - Swimming ... is the greatest friend I have recommended to the future, even to the last months of pregnancy
If you like weight training, do not give up, just to reduce their weight, and to compensate for the loss of weight, more reps. best weight lifted weights, cut in half and the number of repeats increases. Do not lift any weight while lying on his back. Avoid sudden lifts, not breaking force.
Be sure to stretch after the exercise of force. Select this quiet part of the gym, where You will be able to concentrate on stretching. This is a very important part of training, especially for pregnant women.
Avoid exercising belly, thats all you have to do with lying down. exercises in the supine position may tighten the blood vessels in the uterus , thereby increasing blood pressure and your child. should generally be avoided even sit with the lying, the first turn to the side and just pick up.
During exercises in the gym always remember that your goal is to fit, and not build muscle . Do not forget to control impulses. pregnant woman applies the pulse measured at the wrist does not exceed 140 beats per minute. pulse rate may be slightly different from that specified, depending on the status of women before pregnancy. safest to consult with your doctor.

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