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What are the exercises for the thighs?

? What are the exercises you want skinny thighs, thighs, where there is no place for a kilogram of excess cellulite and there is nothing to prevent you and you have them

want lean, firm thighs, where there is no place for a kilogram of excess cellulite and there is nothing to prevent you and you are described under six best exercises for thighs, soon? .. Achieve your goal and do not necessarily have any fitness equipment,
u raising front legs / u
this exercise tones the muscles czterogłowe - enshrined in front of the thigh to the adductor - the muscles on the inside of the thighs, which are also among the least educated of the womens body muscles - . raising the leg forward, makes muscles become stretched and strengthened, which directly converts the appearance of your thighs.
starting position. / em
Stand back on the rails, chairs, fences, even on the kitchen table can be any thing that will help you keep your balance.
movement .. / em
Pull the legs forward, fret and leave it to the extent that they feel the muscles tense fingers to feet should be facing forward pass 20 reps. move your fingers to loosen the foot, and then do another 20 repetitions. also repeated for the second leg.
u lifting your legs back / u
works the same way as raising the leg forward, but it engages the back of the thigh muscles pośladkówi. this exercise you should feel the contraction of the muscles of the back of the leg from the buttocks to ankles
starting position ... / em
stand aside the rails, chairs, fences, or table top gently grab his right arm
Gait. / em
Gently bend the left leg at the knee and swinging the right leg back so that they feel a muscle contraction fingers should be tight and spot on the back foot and lift and lower than 20 times, then move. fingers to loosen it a little further and repeat the exercise 20 times. Now repeat the whole exercise for the second leg.
u first position ballet / u
This is probably the most famous ballet positions, and this happens for a reason: this exercise perfectly formed whole leg, including the quadriceps muscles, the muscles of the buttocks and back of the thigh
starting position. / em
Do squats, heel raised, joined together, knees parted to the side of your legs should form a diamond shape - from the heel to the pelvis -
movement .. / em
fret up and down and down about 2-3 cm. Remember, butt can never be set below the knee. to 20 repetitions. rest for a moment and differentiation of B for another 20 reps
Note: people who have knee joint problems, you should leave this exercise and go straight to the second position of ballet ballet
u second place. / u
is similar to the first ballet, and well designed all the leg muscles. this exercise is necessary to take care of so that your heels are raised all the time. Otherwise, you will not have completely. benefits of this exercise
initial position: / em
to squat, legs apart, knees facing the fence / countertop heel lift and change the position where. you you have to feel that all the muscles are tense
movement. / em
Hold this position for 60 seconds or increase squat about 2-3 cm and fret about the same, never descending below the knees pośladów . to 20 repetitions, rest for a while and another 20 reps.
seafront hamstring exercises / u
This exercise tones and strengthens the back and thighs
initial position: . / em
Raise your hands, and they focused on one knee a little forward. bend the other leg back and turn the tilt angle of 90 degrees
movement ... / em
Pinch forward and the lower leg so that the thumb touched the floor again next bend your legs at a right angle. to 20 repetitions. rest for a moment and do 20 more reps with a relaxed feet. Repeat for other leg.
u Stretching / u
After the above exercise the muscles are contracted, so last
IEM is a decent stretch them. In this exercise we will extend the rear legs, so it will be a great end of exhaustive exercise.
Movement : / em
right leg bent at a right angle, and the rate is based firmly on the ground, turn left back leg, straightening it and keeping the left heel at the top. hands together as if in prayer and hold this position for the moment. Repeat this exercise for the second leg.

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