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How to exercise on a stationary bicycle training for beginners

How to exercise on a stationary bicycle training for beginners stationary bikes are ideal for people who want to start practicing cardio

Stationary bikes are ideal for people who want to start practicing cardio allows you to easily develop skills and improve physical performance without added weight on the joints - as compared to jogging or aerobics -. But do any physical activity, so to ride the stationary bike must be approached with common sense. Here are three training plans for beginners. each heavier than the previous one, so it goes in order. To select the training will help you get started with a training bike and quickly feel the benefits of this forms of movement
u I plan training for beginners -. easiest - / u
This plan consists of three workouts per week This is important. to do after an interruption of training a day, allowing the body to relax after
first day of exercise on a bicycle pedal for 30 minutes at a slow pace Try to keep the pace of about 90 revolutions per minute - .. RPM - revolutions per minute -. If you exercise every day, at least one of the training should take place at a slow pace.
first day, start with a 15-minute warm up, then pedal for 6 minutes at 100 rpm or more. Over the next six minutes slow to less than 80 min. Repeat this sequence four times, ending a 10-minute ride at a slow pace.
second day of the pedal at a rate of 90 rpm for 60 minutes.
third day, pump up the speed again. Take a 15-minute warm up slowly. Then make a sprint for a minute, pedaling as fast as possible and then relax over a 3-minute ride. Repeat this series of seven times. Finally, slowly release the pedaling speed for 10 minutes at a slow pace.
fourth day, cycling 60 minutes, keeping the pace of 90 min.

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