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What are the benefits of stretching?

What are the benefits of stretching your body needs to be agile and flexible?

.. Your body needs to be lithe and agile, so constructed as to have such an opportunity, unfortunately, is a sedentary lifestyle, a little exercise and poor diet, our body does not work one hundred percent, you have to bend down give advice. and pick something off the floor, tighten your castle on the back of the dress, or reach for a book from the top shelf. difficult? I hope not. These are the most mundane things, we must be capable of. If you have trouble touching the toes without bending legs at the knees or clasp that locks on the back you have to seriously consider returning to practice to improve the tensile-. advantage afforded by stretching, stretching or standing for many. Here are some of them.

.. u greater range of motion / u If you regularly your body to stretch them out to achieve greater fitness program will significantly increase your ability, you will be able to bend down, then reach out and coming to share - Yes, it is true. With right and regular stretching your body over time will not impossible for you. Your body will make a series of moves to expand .. very Bare will work better and more efficiently, the muscles will still be obedient and willing to cooperate. You will feel much better and easier .
u improves physical fitness. / u a greater range of motion, more supple body, and thus. increased physical fitness will be able, for example, to jump very high, without fear of landing will feel the pain Extended body and facilitates sport - .. swimming, running, tennis, inline Weirs will not strain the muscles and tired so quickly. rozciągniętemu the body you more than you think.
u injury prevention. / u Stretching helps to reduce injury to joints, tendons and muscles. So stretch your muscles and joints is the foundation of a healthy functioning body. Spacious and body is a lot less injuries, and if you have a lot of them go faster.
u reduce muscle tension. / u Regular Exercise reduced the risk of muscle contraction. I think none of us likes to feel pain when our muscles are pulling grabs. With stretchingowi can avoid this type of situation.
u increasing energy. / u Increased physical activity for which will give you a chance to stretch will give you energy. This move will also have an increased awareness of your body, you may discover muscles that have not previously had no idea? see that your provide, full of energy the body can not afford a lot. would want to move.
u lowering cholesterol. / u Studies have shown that stretching exercises like yoga, for example, reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. These effects can be naturally obtained in combination with proper diet. with stretching exercises exercise so that your entire cardiovascular system, because if the veins will not be in default tłuszczyk, they will work more efficiently.
u Want to know how to stretch / u? u Click here / u.

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