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How to practice at home with music

How to practice at home with music Pick out two of my favorite songs

Pick out five favorite songs Its best if the music is rhythmic, fairly fast to do the following exercise to the next step one song - ... The first song,
second-second song, etc. For each song start with exercises marked with the letter A, and then take a break in the assembly when you do exercises marked with the letter B. And so, one by one for each song. number of repetitions depends on the length of the verses and choruses. easy? Ready? Start
first song / u
u / u - Polo, Z on the floor on his back, legs straight, arms carrying the head, elbows should lie on the floor. Performing crunches music, but not distracting from the lumbar region of the field, just lift your head, arms, shoulders, chest.
u B / u - still lies straight to lift his hands toward heaven and take a sitting position, hands still up, pull up firmly, then slowly return to the supine position.
/ ul
u second song / u
in / u - This leads to their weight or medicine ball or Hold weights in both hands in the Stop Solution
slightly wider than hip-width apart, stand upright for ... Traffic on the ball as far as I assume that it can handle side, do not cut your feet off the floor
u B / u -. Lift the ball high above his head and bend your knees, if you wanted to sit on the chair. Then straighten your legs, then bend again. number of repetitions is in each case depends on the length of the verses and choruses.
/ ul
u / u - Lying on their backs, arms, background cross section of the spine and lift your legs do the pedaling
u B / u -. Choir Place your feet on the floor, bend them to their knees, hands behind head wear Choose one to change one. other leg and elbow touching the right elbow to left knee, left elbow to right knee.
/ ul

seafront A / u -. I still lie, bend your knees, knees apart, but the legs are in contact with a large hand fingers started head. Lift your legs, not with tears, and not put his knees melt. cross your left elbow to the change right knee and right elbow to left knee, as in the previous
, B exercises.
u B / u - Put your feet on the floor, the apartment, but I still can not connect to knee Stretch arms straight forward and Try to touch the floor with your legs as you straighten i. Get your hands if you tried to touch the ceiling. Then again, the floor behind their feet.
/ ul Fri
u SONG / u

u / u -. lie on the floor, hands on hips, lift your legs substrates a few inches above the floor and follow the hedge
u B / u - .. Put your feet on the floor, feet hip-width cross your arms on your chest and slowly raise taking on a sitting position Repeat entire chorus
.. / ul

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