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What is a simple exercise for the calves and thighs?

Which are simple exercises for the calf and thigh leg are of different sizes and shapes, some are long, others short, thin or otherwise?

Feet are different sizes and shapes, some are long, others short, lean, or other massive Regardless of your feet should be beautiful and healthy, and each leg of any size would be nice if I draw the attention of the athletic . Below you will find a very simple exercise into thin, thin, beautiful legs. Only about 10 minutes every day just over two weeks to notice the difference. Do not be fooled. fact that these exercises are not very complicated, and does not mean that it does not work. It is them well, in accordance with the recommendations.ll feel the difference.
. br Lie on the mat, back straight, head freely lying on the floor, arms along the body, legs pick them up together at right angles to the ankles, knees and hips should be in a straight line -. you will feel the difference wnie┼╝ work the abdominal muscles -. Point your toes up, tighten your legs as hard as you can
Bend your right leg at the knee, bend it so hard as you can handle, but do not move the knee. should continue to be in accordance with the hook. all the time keep your fingers outstretched leg forward. left leg muscles still hold tight.
Slowly straighten your right leg, and then in the same way left turn b. Keep in mind that the muscles in both legs should be tight all the time. Make changes to ten repetitions per leg.
u phase / u
starting position in this stage is the same as in the first phase, but the foot is pulled forward with the fingers, but should be straight, as if you were standing.
As in the previous stage in the knee bend the left leg as hard as you can, all the time with your legs straight. Keep in mind that the muscles in both legs stretched.
straighten the leg and repeat with other leg. not relax the muscles. Make changes ten reps per leg.
u Stage / u
Lying to the starting position as the previous two phases, cross your legs straight with each other, assuming that the right leg over left. try to wriggle out of the knee as much as you can. Then release the pressure. After two seconds, then repeat. Do three repetitions; .. whinny
now replace the left leg on the right side and repeat the whole exercise again with enough repetition, the same as in the previous phase
u / u
accept the position of the third stage. Then
Bend your knees with the corresponding pressure pushing your knees out, do not cut one anothers feet, the law should lie on the left. After a few seconds, straighten your legs. Do 10 repetitions, then change legs and repeat.

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