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Ski and Snowboard

Ski or Snowboard for those who are planning to start an adventure of winter sports can be difficult to decide what to choose

For those who are planning to start an adventure of winter sports can be difficult to decide what to choose -. Skiing or snowboarding, there are people who go skiing, and now wonder whether they do not learn to drive and snowboarding. - And vice versa Here The differences between these two sports, so the decision will be easier and more aware
seafront difference between snowboarding and skiing: / u
. Home - Skiers have a lot to sit in the snow because they stand on the edge of the board during the stay requires a lot of energy contrary, there is the ski poles that support the body and help the state
.. -. Snowboard much less load on the knees than skiing knee injury - except bruises - when driving on the board are much rarer than when skiing snowboarding If, however, the greater the risk of joint damage -. so if you are driving community never forget the bumpers Home -. Learning to snowboard is associated with many falling to their knees and buttocks while you put your knee pads more to protect your ass It will not hurt you at some time learning ... skiing will also fall, but much less often and never wywrócisz Back Home - .. If you start snowboarding hate flat parts of the route there are no columns to be pushed away from them in order to overcome flat part will have a very disperse before long they will stay if you download the committee, walk and dress her in the next section of the route tilted Home - ... love snowboarding, but deep and fluffy snow. Puch is better for snowboarding and skiing to ice - in Poland is usually more ice than down -. Home - Rising after a fall on a snowboard is an art in itself, but if you master it you will accumulate much faster than that turned up on skis for the hundredth time.
in Adrenaline / u
If you like going fast, even faster than the speed does not interest you can be surprised that giving snowboarders and skiers skiing equal chances to win in any case. hard to say why. In any case, comparing the speed records for skis and boards, skiers are always faster.
u from skiing to snowboarding / u
already drive to skiing stwierdziłeś few years and its time for a change. your friends skiers have switched to. ? on snowboards and you do the same so it would be hard Will this year to help build Skiing answer to these questions is -. likely that, to some extent you already know the mountain environment, you will be familiar with the course and speed. In you are familiar with concepts such as edges and carving.
Like other beginners should invest in some snowboarding lessons and learn the basic maneuvers. In the first phase of the study, however, expect the pain, tenderness, Lu ass and paragraphs full of snow. Many skiers, however, make much more progress on the board in the first few days compared with those who have never traveled on anything. But do not expect to go after a week as a professional.

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