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Fashion Snowboard 2011/2012

. Fashion Snowboard 2011/2012 In the winter season 2011/2012 on the slopes will be fashionable long jacket with flat szyciami

In winter season 2011/2012 on the slopes will be fashionable long jacket with flat szyciami Clothing must be extravagant - .. with good materials, with elegant detailing and above all, the sample is equally important that the clothes were. Eco -style that consists of more natural materials, which include thermal underwear, and another thing - anatomical shape of the helmet for women
u just / u New
.. Snowboard apparel features simple, clean lines Jackets are longer, perfect for the snow park -. driver is confident that he will be warm and comfortable, even after a series of jumps all jackets this season are light, waterproof and breathable

u extravagance. / u
elegant color richness of detail. Snowboards are the subject of painters, photographers, graphic designers. graphic elements, color saturation, or 3D print black and white contrast with the elements. details are more sophisticated than before, such as patent closures with colorful prints. colors this season should be a clear, clean and strong. classic shades of red, blue, green, yellow and brown go hand in hand with the colors of the country.
u friendly environment. / u
functionality and ecology need not be mutually exclusive. most important recycling is. Swiss company, for example, Snowboard Belowzero used for the production of his latest collection of 75% recycled polyester. Patagonia is working on renewable energy for years. wool comes from farms in Australia. Maloja uses local wool Chiemgau region and sends it spinning in Armenia on the principles of love. This action adds organic method is also something of ethics.
seafront economy. / u
More and more companies are proving that modern snowboard Clothing should not automatically be more expensive. For example, in the following year Billabong will introduce a special line to offer cheaper products for beginners. Also, Burton, which creates a visually timeless affordable products has to be a sign of social responsibility.
u Ready for powder . / u
All jackets have integrated belts snow. For the snowboarder was dry in the deepest hair, some manufacturers are packing clothes for the season 2011/2012 with integrated socks and pads. In addition, snowboarders and skiers who love classic clothes, but believe that it is impractical to have this season, a new alternative -. matching pants and jackets that can be converted into one-piece jumpsuit with button lock is extremely high collar protects the neck against the wind and snow. Also in this season has been designing clothes should be taken into account the increased helmets and hoods, that can easily be imposed.
u protection. / u Head Designer
structurally company spent measuring the minds of many students and create a new collection of helmets, which makes a small peak. Many Companies are also integrated in order to protect the soft pads with lingerie. backpacks protective equipment such as EVOC models offer even greater security. These models are designed for people from riding szklakami. They are not the only band to attach the skis or snowboard in a backpack, but and extras such as ABS antylawinowy systems or detectors. Another thing you have to have an avalanche transmitters are freeriders. Ortovox has a new device is compatible with all standard receivers, equipped with a so-called smart antennas, which begin immediately deliver the strongest frequencies at once, as we buried by avalanches.

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