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How to do it on the couch

How to do it on the couch when you approach the winter months, the days get colder, shorter and not so well to lose the desire to leave the house

when approaching the winter months, the days get colder, shorter and not so well to lose the desire to leave the house Grab the remote control in hand and sit in front of the TV is not surprising, therefore, it was winter we grow the most weight . Try to exercise at home, so, without losing contact with his beloved couch. Someone has already had a great idea and developed a series of exercises that you can easily do this by working only with the couch. winter and should not be wasted! Exercise and feel good.
u Squats on the couch. / u Sit on the edge of the couch. legs spread apart the width of the hips. Make sure your knees are in a straight line through the cube, but not otherwise. Stand up. Put your hands on your hips. make a motion as if you wanted to sit on the couch, but stopped literally 2-3 inches from a comfortable seat on the couch. Point 3 and the rise. Repeat 15 times. Wait a moment after, then again to 15 repetitions. Over time, increases the amount of couch squats.

seafront crunches. / u lie on the couch and spread your legs. Correct me lift the arm above the elbow to the head are the ears. Raise your left leg up, at the same time bring your hands on your legs straight, if you wanted her to occur. palcówu Then tap your feet. point to two and then return to starting position. Repeat 15 times. Then do the same with the other leg. If you do not get your hands on your fingers, do not worry. If you do this exercise regularly, eventually Youll notice a big improvement.
seafront boat. / u Stand back on the couch. Put your hands on your hips, relax your left foot on the couch to raise rates without the trouble of it is based on the right leg straight, however, should stand beside the couch -. doing this exercise you will understand why -. To perform the exercise you need to bend the knee, right foot - feet on the couch, which is not - about 90 degrees, making sure your knees do not get too ahead. knees should be in a straight line from the ankle. count to five and fix feet. Repeat 15 times. Then repeat alternating sides.
pump seafront. / u Polo with his hand on the edge of the sofa arms shoulder-width apart. Do not fold your hands at the elbows. Leave your feet in the rear. legs should be straight, feet on the toes. To perform the exercise bend your elbows to your chest to the back of the sofa. Then straighten your arms. Do more pushups as you can. increasing the number over time.
seafront Exercise your hands. / u Lie on a bench at the edge of the abdomen, correct. from the edge of the sofa should be free to fall to the floor, the other happily lie to the body. Grasp the hand lying on the floor of the pilot or bottle of water . Straighten arm to be perpendicular to the body. Lift and drop it, l. No 15 reps. Then turn around and change hands.

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