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How can I practice Pilates

How can I practice Pilates Pilates is a great way to form a beautiful picture

Pilates is a great way to form a nice body for a few years, this form of physical activity is especially popular, especially among women If youve ever wondered whether you like pilates, but I did not want to invest in expensive classes .. at the club, its time to try exercises at home. Here is a brief set that will help you achieve the desired shape.
u equilibrium with free weights / u
Stand with your legs, fingers straight. straight hands to the body grab a dumbbell in your hands - 3-5 pounds -. move your weight onto your left leg, bending at the same time the right knee and lift right leg until your thighs are parallel to the floor I do not give advice.?. For starters, try to touch Right foot, left ankle
holding arm to the body, lift the dumbbells and outside - Figure 1 -. still should stand on one leg
now. keeping your head straight, slowly lift the dumbbells up - Image 2 - Point your toes forward, and set the hands to form a crown over her head
Slowly return to starting position by making the same movements. but in reverse order., but do not leave their feet.
to 10 reps, then change legs.
u Condition and biceps / u
Stand with your heels. merged, forming a foot V bend the arms to the body, in each hand, grasp the dumbbells - 3-5 pounds -., point fingers at the front
move your weight onto your left foot, and begin to float right on top, slide your finger right leg to left leg to the knee - Figure 1 -. At the same time, bend your elbows lifting dumbbells, so the forearms are parallel to the floor - as if holding a tray in his hands -.
With knees slightly bent and your weight on left foot, move your right foot flexed position of the front, slightly lifting up the foot - toes point forward -. and lift the dumbbells at shoulder height, while straightening arms
Do 10 repetitions and then change the page. Do not give up. This exercise is not easy.
seafront Curl / u
lying on the floor, legs straight, arms straight above your head - Figure 1 - In the hands grasp the dumb bells weighing 2-3kg
tension legs and arms Turn the abdominal muscles to lift, and stretch out your hands are still looking toward the ceiling. - Figure 2 -.
still leaning forward as if you wanted to be folded in half - Fig.3 - until arms are parallel to the legs, and you alone can not create something like the letter is U.
Return to sitting position and then lower to starting position.
to 15 repetitions, conscious straining muscles of the abdomen and legs.
u What / u
Lie on your back, legs straight, joined together, hands on hips, knees slightly bent, hands in each of 1-1,5 kg dumbbell. palms facing down with your fingers.
inhale, draw the belly and lift your legs joined at an angle of 45 degrees - Figure 1 -.
exhaling, lift your head and shoulders - lumbar-sacral segment should be on the floor -.
start in this position, raise your hands in the air - breathe - and lower - exhale -. Take five such excitement and 5 glitches - Picture 2 -.
Now bend your knees and lower rates, and head on the floor. Place your feet flat. Repeat the entire exercise ten times.
u squat in solution
u / u
stand in Chapter
. in, feet at a distance of 1.20 feet, toes pointing outward Put your hands on the sides straight, grab a handful of 3-4kg dumbbells, palms forward - Figure 1 -.
Imagine sliding down the wall, bending your knees firmly - to move out of line determined by the big toe and second toe -. same time, the spread squat hand side so that your body forms the letter T - Figure 2 - head , shoulders and hips to keep in order, and that this exercise, engage your abdominal muscles
Return to start position to 15 repetitions
u on all fours / in ... Start
was kneeling on the floor , knees and rest your palms on the ground, hands should be directly under your shoulders. bend the right leg at the knee at 90 degrees and lift upwards and sideways, like a dog to piss on fire hydrants - Figure 1 -. not 30 reps
Now straighten the right leg -. big toe resting on the floor - so that in accordance with his hip - image 2 -. Then lift your feet and side, so it is parallel to the floor - or as high as you can -. Up to 30 repetitions, and then return to starting position
repeat both exercises for the second leg ..

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