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How to practice hula hoop exercises for advanced

How to practice hula hoop exercise hula hoop for power is a great way to wyćwiczenie abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs

Hula hoops are a great way to wyćwiczenie abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs When set to master the basic exercises, you can move on to more advanced exercises, which are not only interesting but also involve other body parts. Description of three such exercises below. luck!
u walk. / u
soon overcome maintain hangs around the waist hula, its time to introduce your feet to move. Keep your hands down and down and back straight, try to spin the hula At the same time to move forward in small steps. After each stop
, stabilize the movement of hula and make another
. Do not give up .. if it was the beginning of hula will fall on the floor, pick them up and keep trying , and soon youll be proud to shoot and walk at the same time
Once you have mastered walking with a spinning hula, try the following order:
- Stand with your feet parallel, hula twist at the waist Home - .. while filming in a hula move the entire weight on right foot, lifting left slightly, and only keeping her balance Now put your left leg on the floor, and body weight. evenly distributed on both feet then turn the whole weight on his left foot, right, a little raising Home -. now, still shaking hula, modify the previous exercise, dostawiając left foot behind right - when you move your weight on right foot - and vice versa - when the weight rests solely on his left foot - ..
u Move / u
This exercise consists in that shipment whirling hula. hop parallel along the entire chest, from bottom to top and back of this exercise is ideally includes all the important muscles of the chest is how you do it: .. Home - Start by turning the hula around your waist, then lift your hands in the air and Remember that proper breathing and relaxing the muscles of the face and jaw Home -. Balance up and down the legs. Think of yourself that you are connected to the spring heels. The changes leave the heel and raise them. If you lift your upper body on something, nothing will happen. It is important that the front part of the foot still resting on the ground Home -. When your legs will lift, push your abs hula, every time I fall for him - his return should not be at all involved in this exercise -. If hula panties to one side, adjust the sliding movement of the front legs on the opposite side. When hula back on track, back, legs back.

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