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How to train your leg muscles

How to train your leg muscles leg muscles are very large pile of muscle covering the front and back of the thigh and leg muscles

leg muscles is a very large pile of muscle covering the front and back of the thigh and leg muscles Many people who train the muscles in the gym skipped that part, because they believe that it is less important than, say, chest or biceps. Failure to exercise the muscles in the legs caused by large differences in the construction of our body, that just looks ridiculous. In addition, most of the activities they perform, we do not walk on your feet, because the good condition of the leg muscles is important. In addition, well-structured and shaped leg muscles a lot wysmuklają our character. Of course the best way to develop and slender leg muscles is simply an active lifestyle and outdoor activities. biking, skiing, practicing team games and much, much more beneficial to the development of our leg muscles. For those who have not enough Here are a few exercises to develop leg muscles of the front and back of the thigh and leg muscles -. especially rear
most effective exercises for your leg muscles are squats u / u. to start without a load, they should be performed at the beginning because the least strain on muscles and joints and allow to master the proper technique.
free cradle for your feet shoulder-width spaces, relax your knees and feet to set up various wnolegle together. Slowly and gradually lower the body by moving your hips back as if sitting as an ordinary chair. sit while the belly of podudziami form an angle of approximately ninety degrees. Then stand up, but not to the maximum extension of the leg, so that the muscles were in constant tension.
Remember to keep the spine erect. chest, try to pull the front. By this avoid rounding your back. gravity of the body, keep the Metatarsus. Do not forget to line up the knee does not exceed the line of the toes. Do not forget, of course, proper breathing during exercise, inhale as you glide down and exhale while straightening your legs.
to squat with a weight, eg. with at least keep / u.
This exercise is difficult because in addition to their own body weight we must lift the weight, we impose the least. start position and also the execution of this exercise is identical to the first exercise. For this exercise should be approached after you master the squat without a load. First of all, avoid sudden movements, which can cause a disorder that often leads to injury. If you are unable to ninety degree angle between the thighs and podudziami go down at an angle of about forty and five degrees.
u Squats with and without tape held back in the solution
/ u This exercise
first performed without additional load, after learning the proper technique you can do with barbell. Stand in wide solutions
feet away on the shoulders twice the width. feet head on the outside so that the angle between them is about forty five degrees. slowly reduce hips do squat down on my knees and went out. not exceed ninety degrees angle between the thighs and podudziami.
technical assumptions are similar to those described in the exercises with the difference that the mucosa must now pay attention not to twist the knee to the inside knee and elbow do not cross the line - very important -.
in You
load / u
Another very effective workout you
Find the right weight. This could be barbell fell on his back, but they can also be in the hands hantelki. Stand at ease, feet at shoulder width distance. Take the selected weight.
free in front of you, so that the front knee is vertically above the feet, which is located at the foot of that leg. back of the heel should be lifted. not genuflects so that the rear one leg to the knee almost touched the ground.
during exercise does not incline to keep the trunk straight and avoid the boot heel of the front legs. not round back.
u straightening your legs while sitting on the machine. / u
Find the right weight, not too large, because the very exercise affects knee joints. Sit on the machine and follow wyprosty feet to the total extension of the knee joints. Make slow, controlled movements. Do not lift the body during knee extension.
u knee bending machine, lying / u
Another exercise is to bend your knees while lying on the machine. Exercise and technical assumptions are similar to previous exercises in this exercise, lie on your stomach on the bench and the proper way to fold the legs knees.
u leg adduction and abduction on the lift. / u
This is a set of exercises developing pelvic girdle muscles. Stand sideways to lift and attach the rope around the ankle and follow the kidnapping and guidance on your side.
to facilitate stand on such a small increase on the plate was removed from the rods. Perform the exercises slowly, without jerking, try to stand straight without moving the body.
rise u standing on tiptoe on the machine. / u
Another exercise is to climb on your toes while standing on the machine. With the same machine can successfully replace the barbell on the shoulders thrown just like when you take loads przysiadówz. Go under the machine or the shoulder bar and follow the fingers climb to the top. When returning the starting position, do not support your feet on the floor, keep them all the time on the field. This will improve the performance of exercise. Avoid making move to the knee.
How to increase the effect of exercise you can perform on one leg. Then replace the barbell or machine hantelką in hand.

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