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How to train triceps

How to train triceps triceps muscle located in the back of hands, except that it is the muscles of the elbow

triceps muscles located in the back of hands, except that it is a muscle and ulnar Both of these muscles straighten the arm and elbow muscles while the boss .. Keep in mind the correct grip dumbbells or ask someone on the rope.
bend the arm at the elbow, so that sztangielka went as low as possible to back. Then
not snap back to its starting position.
Take care of maximum extension of the elbow in order to secure the triceps. Control their movements and keep your spine straight. Try not to leave or not rozsuwańá elbows out.
After exercise you can do to correct u lifting arm / u. This exercise can be done using a simple short neck, a stiff triangle or cord.
Face-lift stand with one foot forward toward the front in order to stabilize posture, keep your spine straight. Br Keep your device connected to the lift link, keep your elbows close to torso. Follow wyprosty shoulders elbows on the maximum short circuit triceps. Brings out the chest forward in order to prevent rounding of the spine. Use the full range of motion in the joint. Exercise carried out smoothly, without stopping for one repetition.
latest in this series, the most difficult exercise is u extrusion rails / u.
Exit on Rails - keep your hands - the whole body of free-hanging vertically. Follow
bending and straightening of the shoulders elbows like the classic push-conscious of maintaining the body in the vertical direction.
Try to follow your elbows back, not side to side, try to do the exercises slowly and quietly, without tears.

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