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How to build the biceps

How to build biceps is usually called the biceps muscle biceps and shoulders, one of the few muscles in muscle groups that build and move the hands

commonly called the biceps muscle biceps or shoulder, one of the few muscles in the group that builds muscles and move the whole arm muscle groups that are located on the front of your hands .. These muscles act on two joints, particularly knees and shoulders part of it. movements that are made primarily through muscle flexing of the elbow, interact with bent shoulders and take part in converting back and arms. As you can see the hand muscles, and most of them the biceps muscles are very important in the functioning of our body, and it strongly affect the aesthetic appearance of the hand. Therefore, we are performing these exercises correctly selected. Of course, you must first choose the nature of the exercise is to choose the right number of repetitions, number of sets, duration of rest between sets and loads of what we practice. Here are some exercises that I think best to influence the development bicepsówi other hand muscles.
first and in my opinion the most effective exercise is u arm barbell curls with a flat position, the door / u.
Stand relaxed, preferably front of a mirror, so you can check the validity of some exercise.
distance rates, so you can comfortably be able to maintain a stable position.
undercling Grasp the bar at shoulder width.
Lift the elbows bent while approaching a firm hand in contact with hands.
then slowly lower the bar to almost full extension at the elbow.
Try to keep your elbows all the time close to the trunk.
u second bending arm exercise dumbbells / u.
Set up two dumbbells with an appropriate weight. This exercise can be done standing up and sit down. exercise or perform alternate dumbbells lifting once a second.
sztangielkę Lift slowly bending the arm at the elbow.
In the middle again begin to rotate your forearm on the outside, so that the arm reaches the shoulder.
this time slowly lower sztangielkę.
also follow from the other arm.
u arm curls on the back of the thigh / u.
sit on bench, foot and knee space for forty-five degrees.
leaning slightly forward, take sztangielkę hand and rest your elbow on your knee
sit back on the other side to the other leg
sztangielkę Raise your arms bent at the elbow -. . elbow practiced stabilizing the shoulder -.
do the same on one side and on the other side.
u arm curls on a machine with different grips. / u
Set the instrument for which you practice - string, triangle, neck broken -.
Set load comfortably set on the machine and follow the bend in the elbows and shoulders

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