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How to train your back

How to train back back muscles, back muscles properly, very large muscle groups

Back muscles, back muscles properly, very large muscle groups Taken back the entire trunk area extending from the head to the pelvic muscle group, which must be paid. A lot of time in training, because these are the muscles where our strength, but primarily for the protection and maintenance of the spine. why properly trained back muscles influence the formation of curvature of the spine arrangement of the blades, or shoulders. exercises should be performed with different nature and from different angles, so as to involve as many muscles. course , must first adopt a plan of the nature of our training, which will be targeted. Will increase muscle mass, if such pretty shapes, muscle shaping. can this plan through appropriate planning of training, duration of training, number of repetitions, the same number of series, and the rest of the time between series and time in which we want to achieve planned results.
u Pulling the bar at chest nachwytem / u
first training exercises should be done on the back muscles grow nachwytem stick to the chest. It is in my opinion a of the best exercises to perform in the gym.
exercise can be done almost anywhere where the safe is a fixed bar, and outside the spinal muscles and affect other parts of the muscle, such as shoulders, arms, stomach.
Grasp nachwytem least wider than the width of your torso Barkow raise to the upper chest, gently touch the stick.
Perform smooth movements and avoid jerking, sticking out the front of the chest to prevent rounding your back, try to leave the maximum arm extension.
u Rising on body weight in the autumn of that. rowing. / u
second exercise is the increase in body weight in the autumn of that. rowing. distance
feet in width to ensure a stable the position.
bend your knees slightly and lean forward keeping the torso straight spine. . br Keep nachwytem undercling or a barbell slightly wider than shoulder width in addition
snap your neck to the belly bar trying to work the muscles of the back - try to gather up the shoulder -.
Perform controlled, fluid movements, do not forget your spine straight.
seafront dumbbells pulling the trunk with one hand, in the fall. / u
following exercises with dumbbells increase a hand, in the fall of the body.
on a stable surface. kneel on the bench and support the main trunk bearing side of the knee. Do not forget to keep the spine straight.
Grab sztangielkę arm is not supported.
sztangielkę withdraws near side of the chest cage. In a move to the top, try to work your back muscles by lifting the blade closer to the spine.
not perform attacks, movements will be slow and controlled, Round did not return. Follow sztangielkę inhale lifting, lowering and exhale below.
u draw sitting on the machine tool / u
second exercise is the attraction of sitting on the machine tool. It can be short or long stick or triangle.
Sit face sort out your knees slightly bent.
Tilt your torso slightly back and chest forward to keep keeping the spine straight.
withdraw the instrument in the abdomen or chest, and then return to starting position. Try to keep the movement brought back muscles. will be achieved by pulling the shoulder blades the spine.
/ ul
Use full range of motion, not circular plecówi not lean forward. Perform breathing apparatus, and attracted to each other, and exhale while returning to the starting position.

u Wyprosty trunk of the items lying face / u Do
and exercises that will strengthen the muscles in your lower back. wyprosty body will lie in front of the position.
Lie on a bench for exercise, so that the front edge of the bench resting the upper iliac spine. upper body can be supported. If seat is not designed to do exercises to take care of those who hold the legs.
hands crossed on his chest and run back so hyperextensions that the whole body is in one line.
/ ul

Knowledgeable can hold in their hands across the chest plate of the proper weight. perform this exercise smoothly, without jerking because this can lead to injury. Do perform this exercise pośladkówi leg muscles. Inhale while raising your torso to monitor and exhale when lowering the bottom.

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