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What you can do isometric exercises at home

What you can do isometric exercises at home if you do not have time for gym and older and busy, I encourage you to read the typical home exercises, for which there is no training equipment

People who do not have time for the gym and older and busy, I encourage you to read the typical home exercises, for which there is no training exercise equipment can be done at any time of the day watching TV or listening. Radio. Br spine.
spine stretching exercises recommended in the standing position. Take a few breaths. lift and stretch your arms above your head as high as you can. Hold hands for a few seconds. similar exercise can be done with one hand grasping the other joint. correct them above head and pull in the opposite direction. Hold it for a few seconds. Take 10 ecstasy on the left and right.
straighten your back.
sitting on the edge of a chair and place your hands behind your hips - fingers forward ... Take a deep breath and lift your chest toward forward, while pulling the head to hold this position for 3-5 seconds to return to the starting position and exhale get lean heavily on the arm chair.
stand up straight in front of the chair in the opposite direction. Place your hands firmly on the back side chairs. in an upright position bend your right knee in parallel with the floor. Tighten your buttocks and hold for a few seconds. leaving the right leg, buttocks relax. do the same with the left foot. transformation exercises do 10 reps with both legs.
Talia .
Sit upright in a chair. Take a few breaths and perform. exhalations lateral bending, as if you get a - .. pencil exercises to 5 reps on the right and left 5 After a series of take a break for a few breaths, then repeat exercise to 5 series .. Calves
Sit in a chair in the solution
uncertainty, with his back turned. feet without shoes. straighten your back, bend your knees and feet on the floor, place your fingers on the outside. tight belly and then press hard in front of the foot on the floor. heel lift. hold this position for several seconds and slowly lower the heel. In the first week followed by a series of 10 movements. After a week you can increase the series 2-3, after 10 - repeat Movement - ......
foot cube each hand
Sit straight in a chair and straighten your spine set foot on the floor, then roll them, the upper part of the staggered rings exercises after 5 Repeat for the left and right. Take one-minute break. In the same way you do the exercises on their shoulders. sitting in circles reeling, even after 5 moves to the left and right. Do not forget to make a break of not less than 1 minute.

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