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How to train your abdominal muscles

How to train your abdominal muscles and the summer beach season approaching AIM, everyone would want in this situation boast beautiful athletic body

summer and beach season approaching
with, everyone would want in this situation boast beautiful athletic bodies of both ladies and gentlemen, sleep well above the abdominal muscles Ladder, .. or in another way, six is ‚Äč‚Äčachievable for everyone the only requirement is to conduct the exercise. Do not be afraid to suddenly get muscles like bodybuilders, because it takes a lot of time and strenuous exercise, but a soft flat stomach muscles showing the most in the range of options.
lifting legs hanging down.
will have to make our bar or ladder to exercise. squeeze his hands on the stick and do a free overhang, then a fairly rapid movement bend your legs and lift them up, so that his knees almost touching his chest. keep this position for a moment and slowly lower your feet back on the rug, as in the same breath. This exercise involves mainly the lower part of the rectus abdominis.
raise torso lying on the floor and bend your knees, or arrange them on the bed. hands weave lift your head and upper body. we do it very slowly and get to the point where we feel a strong tension of abdominal muscles, hold the position for a moment, then slowly lower your head and repeat. When straining the muscles to do the exhale and inhale while lowering torso.
snapping knee
it is best to exercise bench for exercises, but in terms of home, you can use a stable chair or bed at the end. sit on the bench and leaned slightly back, hands gripping the back edge. now trying to draw legs connected to the knee almost touched his chest. Snaps are in fairly rapid pace. After each draw the knee, the leg straightens, but do not leave them on the floor, but we ensure that more or less stopped at the height of your seat.
inverse peak exercise performed on the floor. are lying on their backs with legs straight and hands resting on their website. Then we try to lift both legs straight in the knees and trunk. We help each other as we raise our hands, which are also straight and pull them to the front torso.

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