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How to create a space for yoga

How to create a space for practicing yoga is no wonder that the ancient art of yoga has become so popular today

No wonder that the ancient art of yoga has become so popular today one of the many reasons why people decide to yoga, its very hour sessions for improving flexibility, strength and condition of the heart, and at the same time is much less strenuous than the exercises, which require effort. But in reality, the main advantage of yoga is what impact it has on the psyche and spirituality, and its relaxation activities are an ideal way to wind down in todays stressful times. Regular yoga not only relieves the tension that builds up in our body throughout the day, but teach - physically, mentally and spiritually - in order to cope with everyday stress in a healthy way
Most of us practice yoga. organized groups in the gym, but the support - or even turning - a group session, Home exercise can bring real benefits even if standing on a DVD movie or a manual with instructions for making your individual training mode will help you to contact your inside, and yet it is .. what is the fundamental assumptions of practicing yoga practice
yoga at home, all you need is an exercise mat and some space - just to be able to move freely at an angle of 360 degrees -. However, to create an inviting and comfortable space, destined only to the practice of yoga makes exercise implemented you will be much more rewarding.
u as yoga wear. / u
first think about your clothes to practice yoga. Loose, natural fabrics like t-shirts or sleeveless shirts and yoga pants are ideal because they allow the body to breathe and provide freedom of movement. Some people, yoga practitioners prefer more tailored clothing. Bare feet or socks with rubber soles are arranged more appropriate than ordinary shoes or socks.
u floor. / u
ideal space for yoga, it should be hard surface. wooden floors are preferable from the floor covered with carpet. This is useful in facilitating the balance, plus natural materials like wood and stone to create a relationship with the substrate, which increases the spiritual experience during exercise. Some people prefer practicing yoga with carpeted floors, because they believe to be safer in the event of a fall. Your yoga mat should be thick enough to provide better housing and grip during exercise. carpets made from synthetic materials are much cheaper than those made from natural fibers.
u DELETE mess . / u
Remove all clutter and unnecessary equipment from your premises intended for yoga exercises. walls should be decorated with just a simple raw IUB, nieskomplikowanymi motifs, which provide a peaceful atmosphere. Avoid background and strong colors, which can adversely affect the concentration. Placing a large mirror, it will be useful in checking the accuracy of the attitude and performance of poses that require balance.
light should be soft and soothing. Natural sunlight is optimal, because give you energy - especially in winter when the sun has no effect on mood and how your health - but if the sun is too direct, take into account the assumption of sheer curtains on the windows at night or when there is. window, you can use candles or fragile incandescent lamps. Avoid strong, artificial and fluorescent lighting.
u temperature. / u
room should be warm. In contrast to exercises that require more power, yoga slows the metabolism, which you more susceptible to drafts - its hard to relax in different positions, when the shaking from the cold -. practice of hot yoga, exercise, the following additional benefits, or the ability to sweat all the toxins from the body, but a gentle yoga session should also be performed in a warm room.
u noise. / u If
use CD or DVD during the exercise, make sure that there is a relatively great distance from their place of exercise. With instruktażami as yoga, look for special CD containing recordings of natural sounds such as singing ptaki in, or under the influence of Eastern music, which will help you focus your thoughts on the more spiritual aspect of the exercise. Some people are practicing yoga, also offer classical music, as they claim that it helps to focus on the brain, but other people believe that music is distracting. However, avoid pop music or any other highly energetic music.
u WHERE need yoga / u detect early
try to find space to practice yoga of family life. It should be alone, and not a small island in a sea of ​​chaos. If you are not able to devote himself to make the entire room, at least try to isolate the area with a magnificent display. After a while you notice that your mind will be eased Every time you enter the room.

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