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Sport and recreation

Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


How to avoid injury

To avoid injury during sports, even at the amateur level often leads to nasty injuries

sport, even at the amateur level are often very unpleasant injury trauma or injury is damage to the living body caused by the activation energy of external injuries acquired during sports divided for small distances between people in the fitness class -. Pay special attention to the groups or sports teams together. Do this so that people of similar ability.
u Faulty mismatched and sports equipment. / U
Pay attention to the sports equipment they use and the technical preparation of the room in which to practice. It is the right to discipline ubiĆ³r footwear and sports equipment from the use of certificates, if proven in the professional services.
u unfavorable hygienic and weather conditions. / U
dirty locker room at the pool, lack of adequate ventilation, improper humidity, and dirty water can also cause injury. Very high or low temperatures, rain, snow, fog and strong winds are also a common reason for the occurrence of injury. Our
u abnormal behavior while playing slow. / U Haste
proper warm-up for failure, lack of discipline and order to the wrong move often causes injury.
Opatija road factors causing internal injuries that need to be avoided include. / U
u great exhaustion. / U Avoid
sport in the state of fatigue, because then your reaction speed, coordination of capacity, the Department of Defense strongly weakened.
u Violation muscle structure. / U
Avoid excessive muscle tone during physical activity. Lack of adequate rest can cause painful cramping or muscle tears and termination structure.
u Inadequate preparation for sport. / U
Avoid movements that are not yet ready. In other words, do not try to imitate those who are more advanced.

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