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How to choose a bike helmet

How to choose a bike helmet in the spring and sunny days, the most active people on their bikes for recreation or sports

Spring and sunny days, the most active people on their bikes for recreation or sport, youth and older people should ensure that appropriate protective equipment, however, bicycle paths, which many lovers of two wheels easier, there are still risks. , especially during heavy traffic, pedestrians and cars. moment of inattention, and the consequences of an accident can result in injury or even life. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to unforeseen accidents and collisions. It is, therefore, obtain the appropriate helmet for protection against spam.
We can distinguish three types of helmets. First called Mountain. It is versatile and usually bought a helmet. characterized by holes in the sides, which facilitate the ventilation air during cycling. MTB is a versatile and suitable for leisure breaks and more challenging terrain. Another advantage of this model is the price, which usually falls within a dozen gold.
Helmet The second model is called the face. As the name implies, is a helmet that protects the entire head circumference, along with the face. This type resembles the look of a motorcycle helmet, but It is exclusively for cyclists. has a solid construction and is suitable only for areas of hard, rough. Full Face is made specifically for professional athletes who practice sports bike. price of this helmet is a bit more expensive than a traditional bike, usually begins with a few dozen to a thousand.
last type helmets, also popular with cyclists, so called. nuts. It is not difficult to guess, ... it is a form of peanut pods His character is the air impermeability, and thus protects the poor ventilation, front and back of the head This type of helmet can be seen in people who practice extreme sports - BMX riders, skateboarders and rollerbladers -. This is a good solution for young, enthusiastic players. parent is not recommended for longer routes. Depending on the brands price ranges 100-400 -500, respectively.
u selection helmet / u Select
helmet should be aware that it is not too tight or too loose. trying on helmets, do not forget that the front must be the eyebrows. If it is too low, then We license will be limited visibility, while they remain too high, it will not sufficiently protect the head. the helmet is properly determined that it is necessary to make sure you feel comfortable. can be neither too little nor too firmly in place. helmet must be selected by headband and chin strap is designed to immobilize him not to move.

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